Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 261 - SUMMARY

261: Highends

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Dr. Daruma enters in desperation and gives a shout at the top of his lungs when he sees Mirko destroy the walls of his laboratory, who has also destroyed a capsule where there was a nomu that was very important for Daruma.

"Good boy... you did well, John-chan," thought Daruma as he carried the head of that nomu.

At that moment, Mirko communicates with Endeavor and tells him that she has found Daruma, although she is not quite sure if he is the real doctor, as there is a possibility that he is another Twice clone.

"Capture him! I'd go right now, but..." Endeavor said.

Endeavor and the other heroes were still fighting the villains who had suddenly appeared, while Mandalay, on the other hand, was helping with the evacuation of the civilians.

Meanwhile, Mirko moves quickly to attack Dr. Daruma and, at the same time, says, "It's time to see if you're the real one!"

"I'm the real one! I'm the real one!" exclaimed Daruma.

Daruma knew there was no escape, for the nomus he was experimenting with were not yet ready. And, before Mirko struck the doctor, a miracle occurred.

"It is a miracle. He used his Quirk... to protect me!" thought Daruma.

Daruma had been protected by a nomu who was still in his capsule. And after a few seconds, all the nomus that were locked in their capsules suddenly came out.

"Defeat the heroes! My beloved Highends!" exclaimed Daruma.

Mirko is attacked by all the nomus and takes a big hit to the face, then flies off to the roof of the lab.

Daruma immediately takes advantage of the situation to escape, leaving the other nomus to deal with Mirko.

"It's been a long time since I've seen a hero. Let's finish them all off! Let's make it a massacre!" exclaimed one of the nomus.

Mirko has been badly hurt, but she can still fight.

"You old shit, as if I'd let you get away," Mirko said as she stood up with a spirited smile. "This is great, I'm on fire!"

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