Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 147 - SUMMARY

147: The bubbling princess is soaked in the promise ⑥

It's a rainy day and Nariyuki is at school talking with some classmates, who tell him that Uruka won't be able to come to graduation.

"Yes... her flight schedule has changed because of the heavy rain," said one of Uruka's classmates.

"She will take the morning flight..." said another classmate.

Hearing that, Nariyuki gets sad and looks down as he says, "I see..."

On the other hand, Uruka is at the airport with her mother, who asks her if it's okay for her to miss the graduation, to which Uruka, with a forced smile, answers: "... Yes, mom. I would have wanted to be with them too. But I guess it can't be helped."

Meanwhile, Nariyuki is in the bathroom washing his face as he remembers the day Uruka confessed her feelings to him. And, once he finishes washing, he comes out of the bath and meets Rizu in the hallway. She subtly approaches Nariyuki, gives him a hug, and then says, "Can I... kiss you?"

Nariyuki blushes and tells Rizu that she shouldn't be saying things like that, to which she asks, "Who do you like?"

Nariyuki is silent.

"Why haven't you... -Answered Uruka's confession?" Rizu asked as she continued to hug Nariyuki.

"I... cannot be involved in Uruka's happiness..."

"Uruka's happiness, uh... Should Nariyuki-san decide that, or is it Uruka's decision?" Rizu said with a sorrowful look. "All that... give it to me."

Rizu stands on her toes, then kisses Nariyuki on the cheek. He is surprised and tries to ask what is going on, but at that moment Rizu tells him it is all a joke. Then she leaves.

For a moment, Nariyuki is silent. But suddenly, Fumino appears behind Nariyuki and surprises him.

"Ahhhh! Furuhashi!?" exclaimed Nariyuki as he fell to the ground.

"Ha ha ha! Excuse me. I didn't mean to disturb you."


Suddenly Fumino changes her gaze and asks Nariyuki if he could find an answer. But he remains silent.

Nariyuki remembers the advice Fumino gave him in the past, so with a sad face and a few tears in his eyes, he says, "I... want to see Uruka!"

Hearing that, Fumino smiles and remembers the events of the past few days. Then she concludes that she has to suppress her feelings for Nariyuki's sake. So, with a smile, Fumino tells Nariyuki that she' ll support him in everything.

At that moment, Rizu appears, leaving Nariyuki and Fumino surprised.

"Then we have to hurry if we want to get to the airport quickly," Rizu said.

While Nariyuki, Fumino and Rizu were rushing to the airport, two teachers appeared and told them to hurry to the gym, since the graduation was about to begin. And, seeing the situation, Fumino and Rizu approach the teachers and try to distract them.

Now, Nariyuki doesn't have any more obstacles, so he hurries off to find Uruka.

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    1. A negi se lo perdonaron porque yotsuba siempre apoyo al prota

      A este sinceramente no se como le vaya a ir con todo el hate que le va caer si gana la morena


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