Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 261 - SUMMARY

261: Sincere words

Hearing Rui's statement, Hina is shocked and asks if the son is Natsuo's, to which Rui, with a sad look on her face, says, "It happened when he came to visit me in New York last year..."

Once again, there was a momentary silence, but then Hina asks, "Is everything... Is everything okay with your work? Don't you have any discomfort or anything like that? How do you feel?"

Rui tells her that the discomforts of pregnancy have not been so shocking so far. So Hina tells her that from now on she has to take care of herself, because that baby has to be born healthy.

"Yes," said Rui as she wiped away her tears.

And after a while, Hina went to sleep with a sad look on her face.

The next day, Tsukiko tells Rui that she will be late home, as she will be going to dinner with Akihito. And when Natsuo hears that, he stares at Rui, who asks him, "Huh? Tonight?"

After that, Natsuo is washing the dishes, while Rui asks him what they should do to tell their parents about her pregnancy. So they both think carefully about the words they will say, but they can't find an answer. Suddenly, Hina appears and tells them she will help them.

"Well, don't be afraid! Hina is here! I will help you... so that you can confess to our parents!"

Hina tells them that she will take over the role of their mother, but before that, she tells them that there is a small problem.

"As far as Mom and Dad are concerned, Natsuo-kun and I are still in love!"

Hearing that, Natsuo and Rui are stumped. Then Rui tells Hina that it won't help Natsuo at all, since her parents will think he's scum for laying hands on his little sister. However, Hina tells them that it doesn't matter, as they both have to prove their sincerity when speaking.

Once Natsuo and Rui finish practicing what they were going to say, their parents come home. So Hina tries to welcome them, but Tsukiko is not very happy, in fact she is very upset, as she received a bad service at the restaurant where she went for dinner. And, seeing Tsukiko's reaction, Natsuo and Rui decide to postpone their confession for another day.

On a rainy day, Hina goes to Masaki's bar to talk about the latest news. Then Masaki asks her if she's okay with her sister being pregnant, to which Hina smiles and says, "I think... I'm acting like I'm fine."

Seeing Hina's expression, Masaki tells her that he'll join her for a drink this time, and then says, "You're a very beautiful woman. And I'm sure there are lots of guys out there who would love to make you happy."

Hina tries to smile and mentions that Natsuo is special.

"There's no one like him. I'll never... find someone like that again," Hina said with a smile as her eyes filled with tears. "That's why... I need some time."

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