Gamers! Volume 12 - Chapter 1 - SUMMARY

The deployment of the Gamers and the divergence

"Um, Amano has officially started dating Tendou...?"


It's been a long time since Amano, Uehara, Chiaki, Aguri and Karen have had a gamer's meeting. So Uehara, with a sweaty face, asks Amano if it's true that he's dating Tendou Karen again.

"Yes, it's true. How many times are you going to ask me the same thing? Isn't that a little persistent?" replied Amano, nodding.

"Oh, well, yes... -It's true. Now I see that's how it is, but..."

Before finishing his sentence, Uehara alternated looking between Amano and Karen, and next to him was Aguri with a mysterious expression. However, Amano didn't mind that, as Chiaki, with her bright eyes, sat beside him talking about a new game.

"So what kind of character should we choose?" Chiaki asked.

"Oh, first I will choose a paladin, then a swordsman or perhaps an archer."

Chiaki and Amano began to smile closely. They were both very excited about the story of the game and projected a very moving image, for after all, it was only a conversation between two friends. For some reason, however, Uehara and Aguri began to watch them as their faces filled with sweat as if they were in a cold sweat.

As Amano continued his conversation with Chiaki, Uehara and Aguri began to sweat more and more, as the atmosphere was becoming thicker. And from one moment to the next, Tendou Karen, with a cold smile, opened her mouth to end that air of happiness between Amano and Chiaki.

"Oh, oh... you still seem to be playing the same game as always, Amano-kun, how deplorable."


Hearing that, Uehara and Aguri were frightened by Karen's cold expression. While Amano only shrugged his shoulders, and in an uncomfortable manner, turned his back on her.

"Hey, are you criticizing my style of play or what do you mean?"

For a moment, Karen was silent, for she was a bit stunned, while Uehara and Aguri were still nervous about the current situation. Then Tendou and Amano continued to exchange words, which slowly turned into a heated discussion as they could not agree on the game Chiaki had mentioned at first.

The discussion was becoming more and more intense, to the point that Tendou and Amano's eyes were spreading sparks, so Uehara and Aguri decided to intervene to calm things down.

"Come on, guys, stop this discussion," said Aguri as she turned to Amano. "Amano, you've started a new relationship, haven't you?

When he heard Aguri's question; Amano sighed and said: "This is the second question of the day. Yes! I officially started dating Tendou-san!"

With Aguri and Uehara's intervention, Amano was able to calm things down with Karen, who was silent. So Uehara approaches Amano and tells him he'd better settle things with Tendou right away, to which Amano replies: "Ah... I understand, Uehara-kun. I'll do my best not to be like you!"

Hearing that, Uehara burst into tears, but Aguri intervened to cut the melodramatic scene and said, "Well, Hoshinon and Amano-chi are good friends," she turned her gaze away and looked sideways at a beautiful blonde girl with a grumpy face. So she swallowed her saliva and then, whispering, asked Amano a question. "... What's the matter with her? Why is she making that gesture?"

"Normally when we argue, she does that."

"And what's the reason?"

"Sometimes I'm a little disrespectful and I don't pick up on her signals."

The main reason for the discussion between Tendou and Amano was because of their differences in the games, that is, Amano has a different concept of what an RPG is, among other types of games, while Tendou only plays to win. And in addition to all this, the chemistry between Amano and Chiaki about games was something that Tendou couldn't deal with, so to speak, since she also wants to have "that same connection" with Amano.

Once they finish playing the RPG that Chiaki had suggested at the beginning, Tendou and Amano manage to get a little bit of a grip on themselves. They were aware of the differences between themselves, but even so, the affection they have for one another is enough to minimize such arguments. So once again, they professed their love for each other.

"I suppose they are a couple, after all," said Uehara.

"Yeah. But Tendou and Amano-chi are unique in their style... Maybe that's what they're best at."

"... I guess. But still, I'm jealous to see them flirt."

Apparently, everyone had told Amano that the "progress" he's making with Tendou generated that discussion. So he was relieved to hear that and then turned his gaze to the hateful blonde girl, and once again, the discussion resumed, but this time it was a nice one that involved all the members of the gambling club.

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