Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 122 - SUMMARY


Versión en español: Capítulo 122

At the wedding reception, Fuutarou, in the company of his wife, is giving a speech in which he thanks all the people who attended the event. And, as he continues to speak, he remembers what had happened moments before.

"The final game of quintuplets... Are you guys stupid?! You shouldn't wear a wedding dress to this kind of game!" exclaimed Fuutarou. "You know what you're doing, don't you?"

"It's a bit complicated to explain..." said one of the quintuplets.

Each of the quintuplets starts to say that she is the bride, which leaves Fuutarou surprised and a little uncomfortable, who in the end decides to accept the challenge.

Without hesitation, Fuutarou raises his right arm and points his finger at one of the quintuplets.

"It's you," said Fuutarou.

Returning to the wedding reception, Fuutarou is eating a piece of cake, while Maeda gives a speech and Raiha puts a flower arrangement on the bride's head.

The celebration reaches its climax, so it's time for the bride to give a speech. Then, Yotsuba, with the help of Fuutarou, who holds the microphone, begins to give her speech in which she thanks her father. And, as she continues to speak, she remembers what had happened moments before.

"Huh? Me...?" said one of the quintuplets.

"Yes. You're Ichika."

"Wow. "You surprised me," said Ichika as she took the hook out of her hair.

Fuutarou praised Ichika and told her that she had become a great big sister. Then he says, "Okay, you're next. Nino."

"Right. You did well."

Suddenly, Nino starts crying, so Fuutarou tells her that she is a strong person who is very fond of him. Then Fuutarou turns his gaze to the next sister.

"You're Miku."

"Yes," said Miku with a smile.

Suddenly Miku, who let her hair down, hugs Fuutarou and says: "Sometimes I get nervous But... I'm still doing well..."

Fuutarou, with a smile, tells Miku that she's done well and that she should be more self-confident.

"Thank you very much, Fuutarou," said Miku with a touching smile.

Fuutarou turns his gaze to the penultimate quintuplet and says, "The last one left is you. Itsuki."



"I'm Yotsuba."

Hearing that, Fuutarou began to sweat from his nerves.

"I'm kidding. Yes, I'm Itsuki!" she said as she let her hair down. "See? I've improved my skills."

"I'll tell you something. You're the cause of all this! That my life has been in chaos! You're the cause of all this! Girl who only thinks about eating curry!"

"I'll tell you something too! I never thought there was anyone so delicate, until I met you!"

While the two continued to argue, the rest of the quintuplets watched the situation with a quiet smile.

After a moment, Fuutarou looked away and said: "Well, the last one left is you, Yotsuba."

Returning, once again, to the wedding reception, Yotsuba has finished her speech.

Once the wedding is over, Fuutarou is in a room talking to Raiha, who says, "Be a good husband, brother."

Yotsuba also enters the room, looking more relaxed as Fuutarou does, since the wedding is over. They both mention that they were a bit nervous when they kissed, although for Fuutarou it was a bit more, as there were people watching them.

"You told me to think about what happened five years ago, didn't you?" said Fuutarou. "I was embarrassed and didn't remember very well. But when I heard you, my mind became clear. I remembered what happened five years ago, on the spring trip. On the hill where that bell was."

Hearing that, Yotsuba smiles and remembers what happened on that occasion.

On that spring trip, Yotsuba, disguised as Itsuki, was talking to her sister (Itsuki) about Fuutarou, who had gotten lost. So Yotsuba decides to go look for him, but before that she has to change, because it would be confusing if Fuutarou saw her disguised as Itsuki.

"Don't worry about it. I am sure Uesugi-san will recognize you," Itsuki said.

Going back to the present, Yotsuba hands her ribbon to Fuutarou, as from now on she doesn't need to use it anymore because finally there is someone who can recognize her without the need to use something that differentiates her from the rest of her sisters. On hearing this, Fuutarou blushes.

After that, Fuutarou and Yotsuba go down to the hotel reception and meet the other quintuplets. Then Nino asks them where they're going on their honeymoon. Fuutarou, a little nervous, asks her: "Wait a minute! Are you coming with us?"

"Of course."

"We're seeing where to go."

Yotsuba, with a smile, tells Fuutarou that it would be more fun if everyone traveled together. And, while Fuutarou looks at the quintuplets together in conversation, he remembers something.


"Uesugi-kun, wake up."

Fuutarou opens his eyes and sees the quintuplets gathered. All of them are still in their school years. Then Fuutarou, who had fallen asleep on the furniture in the quintuplets' apartment, says, "The wedding ceremony..."

"Huh? Wedding?"


Fuutarou looks up and Nino tells him to decide at once, to which Fuutarou asks her what he has to decide.

"Group travel. Fuutarou suggested it," said Miku.

The rest of the quintuplets start giving suggestions about the trip. They all get together to give their opinions, and we slowly go back to the present, where Fuutarou sees the same scene he saw years ago: all the quintuplets together and smiling.

"Yes. I thought the same thing then, too. They really are a nuisance..."


A "special project" from the manga will soon be revealed.

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