Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 342 - SUMMARY

342: Victory cry

The chapter begins with Cath quickly recovering from the damage that the Seven Deadly Sins had done to him.

"I'm sick... and tired... of you all getting in my way!" said Cath.

Seeing Cath recovering, King asks if he has the same immortality that Ban used to have, which Merlin says he does not, since Cath is now a being that transcends life and death.

Meanwhile, Arthur, who is being held by Merlin, still can't recover, so Cath, with a sarcastic smile, says, "What's the matter, Arthur? Are you surprised? That you've lost your country and your people?"

Arthur is silent. And as Cath recovers his physical form, he says, "The country was going to be destroyed anyway. And even if the Devil King's battle against the Seven Deadly Sins hadn't... Then I would have destroyed it... Or maybe someone else would have done it... or who knows, maybe a meteorite..."

"¿... What do you mean?" asked Arthur as he held his sword and tried to get up.

"That no matter what the method, the result would have been the same."

"It wouldn't have been the same!" exclaimed Arthur.

So Cath tells Arthur that no matter what happens, eventually everyone has to die one day, whether it's a human, an animal, a plant, a mountain, or even the gods themselves. Everyone has a life cycle to fulfill.

"So... You don't want to die?"

"That's right, Arthur! That's what I want!"

But in that instant, Meliodas and Ban appear to protect Arthur. Then the Deadly Sins gather, and seeing them together, Cath says, "You... You're really annoying..."

Cath sneaks a look at them, then quickly attacks them. In this way, there's a big battle between the Deadly Sins and Cath. Arthur helps in the fight, too.

Suddenly, Cath stops in the air, and Diane, surprised, says: "Look!! Cath stopped!!"

Apparently, Cath has been defeated, as his wounds have stopped healing. Then Merlin mentions that she stopped time for Cath, but since he has the power of chaos, he will probably in a distant time manage to recover.

"Sate, sate, sate."

"Yes. If we all unite, we can defeat him, again," said Elizabeth.

So, the Deadly Sins return to Liones, while Merlin and Arthur go elsewhere.

Some time has passed and Meliodas has finally married Elizabeth. Everyone in the kingdom is celebrating their wedding. Although the rest of the Deadly Sins did not attend the event, as they went on with their lives apart.

Years go by and Elizabeth has grown old, her death is near. However, Meliodas, who is the current king of Liones, still maintains his youth. After a moment, Elizabeth dies.

Suddenly, a guard enters the room where Meliodas is and says, "Your Majesty, Meliodas! This is terrible!"

Before that soldier finishes the sentence, Cath appears and says, "It has been a long time. Are you alone?"

Meliodas activates his demonic power and fights fiercely against Cath. And as they both fight, Cath mentions that all the other Deadly Sins have died and that nothing in this world is eternal, as they all have to die at some point.

But at that moment, Meliodas raises his sword against Cath and says, "Still, our bond will never disappear!"

From one moment to the next, Meliodas opens his eyes and returns to normal, since everything had been an illusion that Cath had created. However, the rest of the Deadly Sins still can't wake up.

While Meliodas was analyzing whether what he experienced was real or an illusion, someone speaks to him from behind and says, "Neither. What you saw was a future that has not yet been confirmed."

That person was Arthur, so Meliodas, surprised, asks him, "Are you sure?"

"Yes......!! But it's like... Anyway, we have to find a way to defeat him. We have to find a way."

Quickly, Cath moves in to attack Arthur and Meliodas.

"There's definitely a way to defeat him...!!" exclaimed Arthur.

Next Chapter: "Eternal Kingdom"

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