One Piece Chapter 971 - SUMMARY

971: Condemned to boil

Oden and the 9 Scabbards are on a stand and, at that moment, the execution of all of them is announced.

A few steps ahead of the stand, there is a giant pot that is on fire, which will be used to execute Oden and his partners. And because the execution is public, many people gather.

Then, Oden begins to walk slowly towards the pot, and as he does so, some people comment that even "Bakadono" could not do anything against Kaido, while others say that Oden's strength was false.

Above the stand are Kaido and Orochi drinking sake. Both are happy, but from one moment to the next, Oden stops and stares at Kaido.

"I want another chance! I must live no matter what," Oden said.

Oden tells Kaido that he will receive punishment from his partners, and besides, if he manages to resist the time set, then he will have to liberate him.

On hearing that, the 9 Scabbards are surprised, while Kaido, with a sarcastic smile, tells Oden that he accepts his deal, but he will have to hold out for an hour inside the giant burning pot.

Oden enters the pot along with the 9 Scabbards, but they are on top of a board, which is carried by Oden. Inside the pot there is hot oil and Oden is holding all that heat, but still, his body has not yet been burned.

In the audience is Shinobu, who weeps at the sight of Oden's suffering.

"Wororororo! What's wrong?! It hasn't been a minute yet!" said Kaido with a sarcastic smile.

Time continues to pass, while the audience, with a sad look, observes the situation.

"I feel like I could die just feeling the heat," said Raizou.

"Raizou! I'll kill you without hesitation if you keep making comments like that. We're lucky to be up here, you bastard!," exclaimed Nekomamushi.

"Nekomamushi stop moving or we'll fall!"

"Ha..Ha!!" exclaimed Oden in pain.

Four minutes have passed and some citizens are starting to get bored, while others say: "I thought there would be more shouting and his death would be more conspicuous."

Shinobu, who was nearby, is furious at the comments of those people and attacks them quickly.

Enraged, Shinobu tells why Oden has been making such a fool of himself in recent years.

As it turns out, Oden learned about the illicit business Kaido was doing with Orochi, so enraged, Oden went to attack Orochi, but Orochi told him that if he wanted to stop the kidnappings and killings in the city, then he had to make a deal with him.

Oden accepted the deal, so every week he had to dance naked as an apology to the Kurozumi clan, and every time he danced naked, he had the chance to save 100 lives.

Many of the citizens were surprised to hear the truth about Oden, while Kaido and Orochi laughed at the situation. And, with tearful eyes, Shinobu said, "All this time, Master Oden has been protecting the country! Who is the stupid lord? I dare you to repeat those words again!"

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