Domestic na Kanojo 264 - SUMMARY

264: Beyond 'pathways'

The chapter begins with Natsuo doing his club activities with his fellow students at the university. But at that moment, Mizusawa tells them to take a break, because in five minutes they'll be rehearsing again. Then Natsuo uses that time to talk with Mizusawa.

"Excuse me, Mizusawa-senpai... Do you have a minute?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"Uh... I'd like to request a change of positions."

"A change?"

Mizusawa is surprised by Natsuo's request, so he asks him what's going on, which Natsuo says he'll probably leave the university for a while.

"Huh? Will you take some time off? Why?"

Natsuo approaches Mizusawa's ear and says, "The truth is..."

"Huhh?!" exclaimed Mizusawa. "You're going to get married and have a child?!"

Natsuo tried to silence Mizusawa, but it was too late, as all the students nearby managed to hear the great news. Also at the scene was Serizawa, who just kept quiet.

After that, Natsuo attended an interview on a TV show. Now he's become a celebrity.

Rui is amazed at Natsuo's popularity and wonders if it's really OK for her to be with him. But Natsuo tells her not to think about it, since they're getting married.

There is a reporter who is intrigued by Natsuo and wants to know more about his life. So he'll do his best to get some relevant information.

Apparently, this reporter has bad intentions and wants to find out something bad about Natsuo.

Editor's note: "A weekly news reporter has Natsuo in his sights."

Full summary later.

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