Nanatsu no Taizai 343 - SUMMARY

343: An everlasting kingdom

Continuing the events of the last chapter, Cath teases Arthur and says, "That's funny, Arthur! So you're saying you've figured out how to beat me?!"

Then Cath turns to Arthur to attack him, and as he does so, he says, "If cutting me doesn't kill me, then are you going to cut me up? Burn me? Melt me? Crush me? Try all of the above? Well, I'm gonna eat you whole before you get the chance!"

Cath opens his mouth and tries to devour Arthur and the rest of the Deadly Sins, but at that moment, Arthur says, "No... The one who will be devoured... is you!"

From one moment to the next, a gigantic mouth appears that wraps around the whole place, and in the background, a huge tongue emerges that goes at full speed towards Cath.

"What?!" exclaimed Cath with hesitation.

The rest of the Deadly Sins manage to awaken from the illusion Cath had created. They all look confused.

In that gigantic mouth there were enormous pointed teeth, which penetrated the head and the rest of the body of Cath, who exclaimed in pain. Then, the tongue in the background caught Cath and, seeing that, Arthur says, "If you cannot be defeated, then you will be devoured!"

Cath tries to get away from the tongue that is wrapped around his head, but he can't, as the sharp teeth penetrate his body more. And when Diane sees that, she says, "Is he trying to get rid of Arthur's power?!"

Arthur points his sword at Cath and says, "Cath... Why did you want the power of chaos...?!"

"To destroy everything! After all, everyone has to die and disappear at some point", Arthur's sword begins to shine brighter, while Cath exclaims loudly. "Then I would destroy everything! Destruction!!! Destruction!!"

Cath tries to confuse Arthur by telling him that it is absurd for him to work tirelessly to create a kingdom, since at some point, he will also die and people will forget about him and he will not be recognized as a good king.

"I don't want to be recognised as a good king," said Arthur. "I just want... everyone to be happy..."

Arthur's attack intensifies even more. So he says, "I don't want anyone to suffer and cry. I want everyone to have a place where they can live without any threat or disaster. And for that I will create an everlasting kingdom...!!"

Cath tells Arthur that it's absurd to create an everlasting kingdom and that the world will only be a contradiction. So, Arthur's attack becomes more intense and Cath says, "That's the chaos!!"

"Yes... I'm the king of chaos!" said Arthur.

Then Cath is finally devoured by that giant mouth.

"We... have returned to the real world?" said Diane.

At the moment of being devoured, Cath ended up in Arthur's stomach, and with that, the power of chaos that was stolen, returned to Arthur.

Now, the sacred sword has changed its shape and Arthur has been able to get his right arm back. Then Meliodas approaches Arthur and the two of them clench their fists, then Meliodas, with a smile, says to him, "The world you want to create... I hope one day you will... And if you're wrong..."

The Deadly Sins come together and Meliodas says, "The Seven Deadly Sins will be here to help you...!!!"

Arthur, with a smile, says, "... Thank you, Seven Deadly Sins."

Next Chapter: "To the Future"

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