Nanatsu no Taizai 344 - SUMMARY

344: To the Future

Outside the castle of the kingdom of Liones, the 7 Deadly Sins are gathered. Then Diane mentions that she's going to the fairy kingdom with King, to which Hawk asks, "But will the forest fairies be okay with that?"

"There will be no trouble, since King is returning to his queen," Meliodas said.

Elizabeth congratulates Diane, as now the kingdom of the giants will be united with the kingdom of the fairies, to which Diane, with a smile, thanks her.

"You're all coming to our wedding, right?" asked King, and then asked Ban a question. "What are you going to do with Elaine from now on?"

"We'll go on a trip, but we'll do it slowly, right, Elaine?"

"Slowly"? We'll take a trip to drink all of Britannia's beer," said Elaine with a smile.

Gowther, who is holding some books, approaches Ban and mentions that now that they have defeated the Devil King and Cath, the work of the Seven Deadly Sins is over. Then Meliodas asks Gowther what he will do with the books he is holding.

"Now I know what I have and must do... So I'll start a journey to find it."

Diane tells Gowther that if he wishes she can accompany him along with King, but Gowther says no, as he has a place to go, and he is no longer alone.

Then Meliodas, with a smile, says to his partners, "Yes... no matter what happens, we'll always be friends!!! See you again!!!"

Each of the Deadly Sins says goodbye and takes a different path.

Then Hawk mentions that he has to go to purgatory, so he says goodbye to Meliodas and Elizabeth.

"Then we'll see you again!! Meliodas!! Elizabeth!!" exclaimed Hawk as he sped away.

But suddenly Hawk stops and wonders what he has to do to get to Purgatory.

On the other hand, Meliodas and Elizabeth meet with king Bartra, who is surprised to know that Meliodas will marry Elizabeth. Then king Bartra tells Meliodas that he will start making wedding preparations and that he will also train him to be a good king. However, Meliodas tells him that he wants to have his honeymoon first, but King Bartra tells him that his responsibilities as a future king come first, to which Meliodas tells him that he then does not want to be king.

Hearing that, King Bartra gets exalted and begins to pull Meliodas, but he tells him that he first wants to go on a trip with Elizabeth before becoming king. Elizabeth also intervenes in the conversation and tells her father that she first wants to travel with Meliodas, and that once she returns she will become queen of Liones. Then King Bartra agrees.

Meanwhile, Hawk manages to find a way to go to purgatory. And once he gets there, he finds the climate inhospitable. But suddenly, someone appears and says, "I'm sorry."

Hawk looks up and sees an unknown pig, who is really Wild, but Hawk doesn't know it. So they both stare at each other and can't make out the identity of each other. Then Hawk starts sweating and says, "Why is there someone in purgatory as handsome as me?"

With tearful eyes, Wild realizes that Hawk is his brother, and after a few seconds, Hawk also realizes that Wild is his brother.  Both of them hug each other and start crying with happiness.

Next chapter: "What is inherited".

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