Nanatsu no Taizai 345 - SUMMARY

345: What is inherited

It's been a year and a half since the fight against the Devil King. Near some mountains we see Slader and Simon, who are on top of a giant dead caterpillar (it seems), talking about the mission they just had.

Simon tells Slader that the mission was a bit boring (they captured some bandits), to which Slader proposes to do a challenge drinking alcohol, but Simon says no. So Slader tells him it's okay, since his desire is to serve his majesty.

"Your Majesty... You mean the new king?" Simon asked.

On hearing that, Slader stared at Simon, who for a moment was frightened by his partner's serious face, so he apologised.

"To me, there will never be another king but his majesty Bartra..." Slader said.

"I see..."

On the other hand, Howzer is training with Guila and Jericho. Howzer is being hard on the training and telling them to put in more effort.

"We will, but first... " said Guila. "There's a insect that stood on your head."

"It's huge!!!" exclaimed Howzer as he scared away "that insect".

"I am not a insect!!!"

"Puora?!!" said Jericho.

Puora is an inhabitant of the fairy kingdom and went to see Jericho to tell her something important about Ban and Elaine. Upon hearing the news, Jericho quickly says goodbye to Howzer and Guila, and tells them that she has something important to do in the kingdom of the fairies.

Changing the scene, we see Deldry asking Deathpierce if it is true that he is going to leave the Pleiades of the Blue Sky group, to which Deathpierce says yes, and that from now on he will leave the kingdom of Liones.

The reason why Deathpierce is leaving Liones is because he cannot tolerate the fact that the kingdom is ruled by someone who belongs to the clan of the demons and the goddesses, since in the past a member of the clan of the demons killed his partner and, moreover, was manipulated by a member of the clan of the goddesses.

Then, Deathpierce tells his partners that he will form a new kingdom where there will only be humans.

"Goodbye...!" said Deathpierce as he left.

On the other hand, we see Dreyfus and Hendrickson talking about the great future that awaits the kingdom of Liones, for they now have a new king and queen.

"Besides having celebrated the coronation of the new king and queen, we already have an heir to the throne!" said Hendrickson.

Meanwhile, Bartra, who is holding some toys, is reunited with his daughters, Margaret and Veronica, who are in the company of Gilthunder and Griamore, respectively. They're all carrying gifts.

In the fairy kingdom, we see Ban talking to Elaine, who is pregnant.

"Ah! The baby moved," said Elaine.

"Was it a punch? Or a kick?"

"Hmmm... I can't tell if it was his hand or his foot."

In the kingdom of Liones, Meliodas tells Elizabeth that he still remembers the expression that Zeldris and Gelda made when they found out that a child would be born from the union of a member of the clan of the demons and the clan of the goddesses.

"... That's what they said, but remember that I'm half human now too," said Elizabeth.




"Are you still hesitating...? For the name of our son..."

Meliodas puts his hands together and says: "Good! I've decided!!!"

Then Meliodas tells Elizabeth that his son will be named Tristan. And, at the same time, Ban tells Elaine that his son will be named Lancelot.

Meliodas walks up to the castle window and says, "Sate, sate, sate... I wonder what fate will prepare for us."

Next (final) chapter: "Like the blue of this sky."

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