Nanatsu no Taizai 346 - SUMMARY

346: Like the blue of this sky

Some time has passed, and we see a silver-haired boy running through the streets of the Kingdom of Liones. Behind that child is a guard who says, "Prince Tristan... Please wait!"

Tristan stops in the middle of the street, raises his hands and says, "Everybody...!! We have a big problem!!"

Some children are leaving their homes, and one of them says: "What's the problem, Ambassador Tristan?"

So Tristan tells them that he is being pursued by an evil being, although in reality he is not, as he is only being sought by a castle guard.

"Tonight... The legendary warriors, 'The Seven Deadly Sins', will gather at the castle!" said Tristan, "... Or so I heard from a beautiful maiden.

However, the rest of the children don't seem to be interested in what Tristan said, so they leave. And, seeing that, Tristan decides to go alone to the castle to look for the Seven Deadly Sins, for he thinks they are evil beings, and when he arrives, he sneaks in, but is caught by someone.

"Where did you go to play?" said Elizabeth as she hugged Tristan.

Suddenly someone says, "Tristan, you've been looking for us!"

"I... ¡¡¡Son los Siete Pecados Capitales!!!" exclamó Tristán.

Diane begins to caress Tristan, saying that he is a very beautiful boy, then Gowther approaches Tristan and mentions that for just a boy he has great power, although he is not entirely surprised, since he is the son of Meliodas and Elizabeth.

Tristan quickly walks away from Gowther and, seeing that, Ban mentions that he is a very happy child. Then Meliodas asks his son, "Where did you go on such an important day?"

"I know the whole truth!! I know that you are a capital sin that is persecuted by the kingdom!!" said Tristan as he pointed his finger at Meliodas. "And that tonight they are gathering for a coup d'état!!"

Hearing that, King, Ban, Gowther, and Meliodas put on a confused face, though more than that they seem to want to laugh. So Meliodas, with a cold look, tells Tristan that everything he said is true.

"After all... it was true..." said Tristan as he made a melodramatic scene. "My father really is a villain!!!"

The rest of the Deadly Sins laugh at that. But Tristan gets up and attacks Meliodas. And while he was fighting, Tristan mentions that he wants to be a paladin.

"Wait a minute... You want to be a paladin?" said Meliodas.

"Yes!! Because I want to kill all the bad people!!"

Then Meliodas mentions that it's time to go, to which Ban says yes. And when he sees that, Tristan is confused. Then Bartra shows up and mentions that he's going with Tristan.

After a moment, the fireworks begin. That night was special, as all the citizens gathered to celebrate Prince Tristan's tenth birthday.

Then Tristan realizes that Meliodas had gathered the Seven Deadly Sins and the citizens to celebrate his tenth birthday.

Gowther approaches Tristan and says, "I will give you a special gift."


Gowther uses one of his techniques on Tristan and shows him the true story of the "Seven Deadly Sins". In this way, Tristan was able to learn about the friendship in the Seven Deadly Sins group, the love of Meliodas and Elizabeth, and all the pain the group had to go through in general. Seeing all that, Tristan sheds a tear.

After that, Tristan is training with his father, while Elizabeth is near a tree preparing lunch. And, once Meliodas finishes training with his son, he says, "By the way, I don't know what kind of adult you'll be. No one knows the future." Meliodas looks up to the sky and continues. "In other words... Your future is infinite, like this blue sky."

"... But I still have to be king, right?" said Tristan.

"You can choose something different."


"Of course, don't you want to be a paladin?"

"In that case, I've decided!!!" Tristan walks hand in hand with his dad and finishes. "I want to be like the Seven Deadly Sins!!!"

The story isn't over yet, as there will be a sequel titled: "The Four Knights of the Apocalypse".

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