The Cuckoo's Fiancee Chapter 10 - SUMMARY

10: You have a good side, but only a little

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Nagi is concerned that Erika is in his same school, to be more specific, that she is in his same class. However, for the other students it is a great honor that someone as famous as Erika is taking the same courses as them.

"Now that I remember... Amano-san is very famous. They're probably making a big fuss now," that's what Nagi thought.

Then Nagi looks at Erika and realizes that no one is getting close to her, which leaves him surprised.

"My God! She's really very pretty!" said one student.

"Is she really human?" said another student.

None of the students go near Erika, as they are intimidated by being with someone who is very famous on social networks. But all of a sudden, someone comes up to Erika and says, "Nice to meet you!"

That person was Segawa Hiro, and with a smile she says, "You're the new student, Amano Erika-san, right?"

Erika, a little surprised, looks at Segawa, who says: "My name is Segawa Hiro, and we're in the same class. Nice to meet you!"

Seeing such a scene, Nagi is worried, since he thinks it's not a good idea that his fiancée and the girl he likes are good friends. But at that moment, Segawa tells Erika that she wants to show her the school, which Erika gladly accepts.

Hearing that, Nagi gets even more worried and starts thinking about what would happen if Segawa finds out that Erika is his fiancée. So Nagi decides to follow them.

Segawa shows Erika several places in the school, and many students are surprised to see Erika, since she is very famous. While Nagi is following them, looking for a moment to talk to Erika.

At the end of the day, Nagi realizes that Segawa and Erika have formed a good friendship, so he decides not to worry anymore and let things go on as they are. But all of a sudden, Segawa starts crying.

"Huh? Amano-san, what did you do!!" That's what Nagi thought when he saw Segawa crying.

Erika tries to calm Segawa down, but at that moment, Nagi says, "You're wrong, Segawa-san!!"

With her tearful eyes, Segawa turns to Nagi, who says, "I... I don't know what Amano-san has done. But she didn't do it on purpose, she's just nervous... But she's really a good girl!!"

"Wait a minute, I didn't do anything!!" said Erika.

"Yes, she is right," answered Segawa. "What happens is that I can't hide it anymore..." Segawa embraces Erika and continues. "To be honest, I was always a follower of Erika-chan!!"

Segawa mentions that she has been a follower of Erika for a long time, and that the photos that Erika publishes are somewhat spectacular. That's why Segawa was very surprised to see that Erika was going to be her new classmate.

"Ah, I forgot!" said Segawa. "Do you two know each other?"

Hearing that, Erika gets a little nervous and says that Nagi is just another follower, to which Segawa, with a stare, tells Nagi that she is a better follower, and then continues to admire Erika's pictures.

Then Erika remembers what Nagi said a moment ago, so she approaches him and with her flushed face says, "You have a good side, after all."

After a moment, Segawa mentions that Erika is a little behind in her classes, so she as the number 1 student and Nagi as the number 2 student, will help Erika with her studies.

"... For that reason..." said Segawa. "From today the three of us will meet in the mornings and do our routines together!!"

Nagi and Erika are surprised to hear that.

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