The Cuckoo's Fiancee Chapter 11 - SUMMARY

11: Don't you think you're right for each other...?

Erika is quite surprised to find out that Nagi has proposed to Segawa, so she asks him what happened next, which Nagi tells her that Segawa rejected him, or at least that was the impression he got, since she did not give him a clear answer.

Hearing that, Erika says, "It's okay, I'll help you!"


"Listen, Nagi-kun. Apparently, you don't understand women very much. Since Hiro-chan is most likely confused by your sudden declaration, and that's why she left you "on hold". That is, she must be analyzing you to see if you're worthy or not!"

Then Nagi starts analyzing the situation and accepts Erika's help.

After a while, Erika is in the bathtub thinking about the new life she's having at her new school, and then she thinks, "But...I never thought that Nagi-kun would be in love with anyone else..."

The next day, Erika and Nagi rush to school, but Erika decides to go separately so that no one will see that she is arriving at school with Nagi, so she takes a taxi. After a while, they both arrive at the same time, and Erika says, "Why are you arriving at the same time?!"

"What do I know, I just came using the same train as always! Rather, shouldn't you have arrived before me?!"

"It's just that the driver took a wrong way!"

From one moment to the next, Segawa arrives and greets them. And when she sees that they both arrived together, she tells them: "I see that you arrived together. Umino-kun, since when do you get along so well with Erika-chan?"

"No, it's not what you think. We just met by chance."

Then Segawa tells them to hurry up to start their routine. They go to the library, but Erika didn't go with them, since she had something to do. At that point, Nagi remembers what Erika told him, "Don't worry, I'll help you."

Suddenly, Erika arrives at the library dressed as a cupid and says, "Guys, sorry I'm late! I'm Erika, the cupid of love."

Seeing that, Nagi looks pale and tries to explain to Segawa that it's not what she thinks, but Segawa had another reaction.

"Aaahhh!! Erika-chan, you look so pretty!!"

"I came to give some love."

"Ohh, thank you, thank you."

Erika tries to help Nagi to be with Segawa, so she mentions all the qualities that Nagi has, but Segawa responds to all that with that she is better, both in studies, food and also in karate.

Hearing all this, Erika takes Nagi somewhere else and tells him that she is giving up. Then they both go back to the library, but this time Erika wears her school uniform. Then Erika comes up with a plan.

"I got it! Now that we're here, I want you both to show me how you study," Erika said.

"Good idea!" answered Segawa.

Because Segawa has better grades, she tells Erika that she will first teach her her way of studying, and then Nagi will do it.

Once Segawa finishes, Erika asks Nagi what his way of studying is and what he recommends for her to do as well. Then Nagi tells her that she is not yet ready for that and that Segawa's method will not work for her. Nagi advises her that she must first study from a question sheet and that she should also help herself from a book.

However, Erika does not want to do that, and the two begin to argue. When Segawa sees all that, she gets a little jealous and says, "I don't know why... Honestly, I don't know, but... Don't you think you're right for each other...?"


"What do you mean?!"

"To that very thing! That's not fair. I want to get along with you too. I want to get to know Erika-chan much better!" Segawa pouts and finishes. "I know! I'll go to Erika-chan's house to study together!!"

Once again, Nagi and Erika are surprised by Segawa's sudden declaration.

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