The Cuckoo's Fiancee Chapter 12 - SUMMARY

12: You live alone, don't you?

Nagi returns home first and remembers what happened moments before, and feels a great relief, since Segawa is going to "Erika's house", not to the mansion where she currently lives (and of course Nagi too). Seeing that he will be alone at home, Nagi decides to walk around naked all over the place.

"Walking around the house naked is great!!" thought Nagi.

Suddenly Nagi noticed a noise coming from outside.

"So you live here?" said Segawa as she entered the house in the company of Erika.

They both enter, and Erika shows the living room to Segawa, who says, "It's very spacious. All this is for you alone?"

A few seconds earlier, Nagi had hidden behind a piece of furniture, but Erika noticed his presence and that he was also naked.

"What the hell is going on?" thought Nagi.

Erika sent Nagi a text message and told him that she couldn't go home, since the house is being remodeled, to which Nagi replied, "I understand, but why did you have to bring her here?! You couldn't have told her to make it another day."

Then Erika replies that she could have, but at that moment her housekeeper suggested she go to her second home and, hearing that, Segawa insisted on coming. Then Erika tells Nagi that she called him, but he didn't answer the call.

"Ahh... I didn't realize," thought Nagi.

With a flushed face, Erika sends one last message to Nagi, "Then why are you naked?"

To prevent Segawa from discovering that he is living there, Nagi starts sneaking around the place to get his things, while Erika takes care of distracting Segawa.

Erika and Segawa are near the pool, so Erika, beckoning, tells Nagi to hide in his room, but in doing so, Nagi stumbles.

"What was that...?" said Segawa.

Quickly, Erika pushes Segawa into the pool and they fall. Then they both come out, and Erika says, "I'm sorry, Hiro-chan, it's my fault."

Nagi takes advantage of that moment to escape, and once he gets to his room, he says, "Somehow I was able to hide everything..."

After a while, Nagi hears a scream, so he looks out the window to see what happened. One of the girls shouts, "Hey! What happened?!"

"There was something there! In the garden!"

Hearing that, Nagi decides to go into the garden and meets Erika's old followers, those boys who were bothering her when he met her.

"Hey. You again? Damn stalker," said Nagi as he rolled up his shirt sleeves.

Nagi beats them up and tells them to leave quietly, and that next time he will call the police.

On the other hand, Erika and Segawa, who are in towels, approach the pool and find that no one is there.

"How strange ... I even heard voices," Erika said.

"It couldn't have been that cat."

"Well, we better get back."

After that, Segawa mentions that she had a lot of fun, so she says goodbye to Erika and asks her if she can come back again, to which Erika, with a smile, says, "Yes, of course".

Just before leaving, Segawa notices a notebook that was on a table, so she takes it.

"I knew it," said Segawa while reading the notebook. "This is Umino-kun's notebook. Why is it here...?"

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