Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 273 - SUMMARY

273: I love you

Continuing the events of the last chapter, Rui tells Natsuo that she cannot marry him and allow herself to be happy knowing that her sister is ill. She also tells him that she heard him talking to Masaki and finally got to know all the sacrifice Hina made for her happiness. That's why she decided to call off the wedding.

For a moment, Natsuo remains silent, and before he says anything, Rui tells him that she will be fine because she is not alone, as she will soon have her child, and that is one more reason not to take Natsuo away from Hina. Then Rui tells him she wants to talk about the future.

Both decide not to get married, but to live together so they can raise their child. Tsukiko and Akihito tell them that they can still marry and support Hina at the same time, but Rui and Natsuo tell them that there is no point in getting married and that they want to repay the love Hina gave them in the same way.

After that, Rui asks Natsuo for the necklace he has, since she wants to give it to her daughter when she is born and tell her that it is a "Crystallization of Love".

Once they finish talking, both decide to go home separately, but before they leave, Rui asks Natsuo if he still loves her, to which Natsuo says yes, and she also tells him that she loves him.

Once Rui leaves, Natsuo goes to Hina's room. He sits down next to her and apologizes to her for being selfish with his decisions.

"I'll live for Hina's sake too," said Natsuo.

Five years have passed, and Natsuo is outside a school to pick up his daughter, who is called Haruka.

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  1. WTF! Sasuga kei has completely fucked up this manga. Woaah, can't believe she su

  2. Thank God I only read the recent chapters. Saved me the time of investing my feelings into this mess of a manga.

  3. i am really not surprised considering the previous work of this author(good ending) however it really is big blow......anyways all the best to all the fans who either want rui or hina as his wife coz 3 chaps can be enough to determine that . By now its come to the point where it doesnt really matter to the sister as for who natsuo chooses coz like they already went through so much lol,considering the characters point of view it will be a happy ending but as for those who really want either rui/hina to be his wife ,you ll have to be mentally prepared. Well,considering this as a harem/love triangle(i know harem sounds weird but like 4/5 girls fell for him,know what i mean)it is something natural that one gets hearbreaken coz their waifu/fav girl ain't chosen,but still all the best i guess lol.(like nisekoi ,ichigo 100% etc. etc.)

    P.S.- i don't really care as to who will be chosen coz i already got my heartbroken during ge-good ending,and when i read the 1st chap of this one years ago,it was already written on the 1st page that it ll be a love triangle,so forgive me if i wrote something to offend any fans,just voicing my opinion which is considered normal,hope i don't get abused and all lol


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