Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 274 - SUMMARY

274: I'll give you my life

For the past 5 years, Rui and Natsuo have been taking care of Hina in their new home, as she is still in a vegetative state.

In the new house there is also Haruka, who has gotten used to seeing Hina every day. In fact, Haruka enjoys spending time with her aunt. She loves taking care of her, stretching her body, talking to her, among other things. The hours pass and it is already night, Rui arrives home and is received by Haruka with a big hug.

The time has come to do Hina's personal hygiene, so Rui tells Natsuo not to intervene. Although for the last 5 years, Rui has been doing it, as she wouldn't like to be seen like this either.

The next day, Rui and Natsuo are visited by Miu, Momo and Alex. They all chat happily, and it is revealed that Momo married Ritsu, Miu became the director of a publishing house, and Alex is studying in the United States. Now, Momo has short hair and Miu looks like Hina.

Natsuo says that he became a novelist and that he publishes 2 or 3 novels a year. He mentions that he was able to do all this thanks to Hina, who was always there to help him with everything.

Hours go by, and Miu, Momo and Alex retire. Now, Natsuo, in the company of Haruka, is taking care of Hina. Then Natsuo notices that Hina's hair has grown, so he decides to cut it off. And while he's doing it, he says it's kind of nostalgic to see her long hair. Seeing her father's expression, Haruka asks if Hina used to have short hair, which Natsuo says she did, but now that it's long, it reminds him of the first time he met her. Natsuo begins to feel sad.

Once Haruka goes to sleep, Rui tells Natsuo that Kajita has become the head chef at a restaurant in Yokohama and has invited her to work with him, but she is not sure if she will be able to accept it because it is a bit far from home. However, Natsuo says, "I'll support you no matter what decision you make."

Then Natsuo says that while he was cutting Hina's hair, it looked like she was smiling, although of course it was probably just his imagination. But for a moment, he felt that he was making her happy, which made him feel a great joy.

Suddenly, Rui says, "Oh, I almost forgot."

Then Rui pulls out a marriage form she got from the district office.

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