Gamers! Volume 12 - Chapter 2 - SUMMARY

Aguri and the meeting at the family restaurant

"What do you say we go to an inn with a private room and outdoor hot springs, Amano-chi?"

Suddenly, at a meeting in a family restaurant, Amano received a proposal from an innocent and immoral high school girl with a boyfriend. So in response, Amano said, "Oh, I think that's a good idea." Amano took a hot green tea and responded with a smile.

At a nearby table, there was a mischievous couple who were listening to the conversation. They began to mock Amano as if to say, "What a reaction that is," but to Amano that was irrelevant, so he ignored them. And, in the same way, Aguri did too.

All Amano wanted was to be at the family restaurant and have an informative conversation with Aguri about their respective couples. So Amano continued to drink his cup of green tea and tried to enjoy the picturesque place.

"No, I think we should have this conversation at the hot springs, Amano-chi."

"What are you talking about, hot springs are for couples."

"Huh? But we'll be in private rooms, so there won't be any problems."

Somehow, Amano felt this conversation was still going on, so he continued. And, after a while, they both agreed to go to the hot springs, but first they had to ask their respective couples for permission. Then they both looked at each other and nodded, made an expression and muttered at the same time: " We have to ask permission". At that moment, a new naughty couple appeared and took the place of the previous couple.


It's been about 10 minutes since the new naughty couple arrived. Amano and Aguri were still talking about what they were going to do in the hot springs. And, once Amano finished drinking his green tea, he stopped and asked for a cold oolong tea. Upon receiving the tea, Amano drank 70% in one breath without using the straw and then said, "Oh, well. Let's stop talking about the hot springs."

For a moment, Amano felt strange about his sudden statement, so Aguri said, "Well, then do you have any plans for the trip with Tendou-san?"

"I honestly haven't thought about it yet."

The two of them looked at each other and started laughing out loud. Then Aguri started wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes and said, "Originally, this family restaurant was where we met to solve our problems, but now it's not like that anymore."

"Wait, you don't want to come here anymore?"

"No, I'm not saying that."


Aguri and Amano used to meet at the family restaurant to talk when they saw "some kind of flirtation" between Uehara and Tendou. But now that Amano is officially dating Tendou, the meetings in that picturesque place would no longer be like before, although that was never Aguri's real intention, as both she and Amano still wanted to meet in that place where they had forged their friendship. That is why Aguri wanted to meet there to talk about the trip to the hot springs.

Both of them kept talking as they watched the window and saw the people passing by. Then Amano stared at Aguri and said, "For the rest of my life, I want to continue this way with you, Aguri-san."

"What are you proposing to me?"

"It may not make sense what I'm saying. But I want you to stay with me for the rest of my life."

"Stop. You're confusing me. Well, I know what you mean, but..."

"Is that so?"

"Oh, then you'll have to give me something, Amano-chi."

With the straw wrapper, Amano made a ring and gave it to Aguri, who showed a happy expression and asked him to place it gently on the middle finger of her left hand.

"Oh, then I'll give you a ring too, Amano-chi."

Then Aguri used an onion ring and placed it on Amano's middle finger, who reluctantly had to accept it, so Aguri told him that if he took it off, he would not have good luck.

"Huh? But this will rot in a few days."

"Good. Now, let's make a vow of friendship while we're wearing the rings!"

"But it's not like we're cheating, right?"

"Cheating? It's not cheating if we're swearing by our friendship."

"Yeah, you're right."

"Then let's get it over with, Amano-chi. I want to take off my paper ring."

"That's my line! I want to remove the oil left by the onion ring."

"All right, let's get started, Amano-chi."

Both of them extended their hands to give their vows as if it were "a wedding". But for a moment, Amano felt an uncomfortable air in the place, since everything was quiet, in fact there was no noise at all... Then Amano said: "Well, in sickness and in health..."

"So, do you promise to hold meetings at the family restaurant as much as you can?" said Aguri.

"... Yes, I swear."

With a tense look and a flushed face, Aguri looks at Amano and also makes her oath. And to end their engagement, both took a mysterious liquid at the same time, and when they left the cups on the table, there was tension between the two. Then they both started to stare at each other and declared.

"Please stay with me for the rest of your life (as a friend), Aguri-san."

"Of course, Amano-chi. Aguri's heart belongs (as a friend) to Amano-chi."

Once her statement was finished, the scene that could be seen was so moving, wonderful, and beautiful, that it was one of the three best moments in Amano's life.

"What does this mean...?"

Unexpectedly, Uehara and Tendou appeared. They took the seats of the mischievous couple who had just left. Suddenly, the blonde girl started to give a big shout.

"Cho, Amano, what does this mean...?" said Uehara.

For now, I will omit to tell this part, as it is the usual flow for a "continuation.

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  1. Thanks for hard work! Hope u can finish vol 12 till the end.

  2. Bro, you're my hero! Please finish vol 12, i'll wait the next chapter.

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my work! And don't worry, I will publish the entire summary of Volume 12.

  3. more than something cute I feel really bad and stranger
    even if they are just friends, still I feel bad for Uehara

    THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HARD WORK plz don't stop
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    1. Hi, Plomo
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  5. Great translation really appreciated. I will keep reading your summaries. One question I’m dying to know is do amano and tendou stick together till the end of the Light Novel Vol. 12

    1. Thank you so much!
      Well, if you don't mind the spoiler, I can tell you.
      Blonde girl wins.

    2. Blonde girl as in Tendou right ­čśů


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