The Cuckoo's Fiancee Chapter 16 - SUMMARY

16: We have to face people with our hearts in our hands!

Erika left a letter for Nagi, which says, "Nagi-kun, I'm going to my parents' house to pick up some things."

"That really surprised me," thought Nagi as he lay down on his desk.

Nagi was a little worried about the last words Erika said to him when they were at the beach, so all he was thinking about was "who is the person Erika wants to reach using her social networks?"

"What should I do...?"

Suddenly, the door rings, so Nagi rushes out to see who it is.

That person was Sachi, and with a smile she said: "Hi, here's who you were crying for! Erika-chan, are you here?!"

With a surprised face, Nagi replies, "Sorry... but you've got the wrong house."

"Are you kidding me?!"

After a moment, Sachi enters the house and Nagi tells her that Erika is not here, to which Sachi asks: "So, Erika-chan still isn't back!?"

"I don't know."

"Well, then I'll borrow your room, brother."

Once Sachi changes her clothes, she goes into the living room and asks Nagi if he has had a fight with Erika, to which Nagi says no, and then tells her she had better leave. Hearing that, Sachi gets angry and takes Nagi by the arm and forces him to tell her what's going on.

"All right, all right, I'll tell you! Let go of me now!"

"Aren't you forgetting something else...?"

"I'm so sorry! Sachi-sama!"

So Nagi tells Sachi what's going on.

"I really don't understand," said Sachi.

"Then why did you force me to tell you?"

"Changing the subject. Look at this!"

"What do you mean, changing the subject?"

Sachi took out a box that contained some cupcakes, which she had prepared to give to Erika; however, the cupcakes were in bad shape.

After that, Nagi asks Sachi how things are going in the house, which Sachi tells him is still to be repaired. Then Nagi asks her how she's doing at school, among other things, and finally says, "Even though we're brothers, why are we so different?"

"We are not brothers."

"Don't say such hurtful things. But to be honest, it's very relaxing to talk to you this way." Nagi smiles and finishes. "Well, I've decided! I'm going to make her listen!! I'm not going to stand idly by! I'm not going to neglect my studies either!"

Both brothers raise their index fingers and say, "For the honor of the Umino family! We have to face people with our hearts in our hands!"

Hours go by and Erika comes home. She had gone shopping.

"Welcome!?" said Nagi in surprise.

Erika notices that there are cupcakes on the table, so Nagi tells her that Sachi brought them.

"Sachi-chan came!?"

With a smile, Erika ate the cupcakes. And, after a while, they both sat down at the table for dinner.

Nagi remembered the words Segawa had said to him and thought, "Each of you has things you don't want to tell the others. But even so, I got into their problems out of pure curiosity. I don't want to continue with such a rotten resolution." With a serious look on his face, Nagi looks at Erika and says, "That's why... I want you to teach me how to find my resolution to face them...!"

Hearing that, Erika starts laughing and tells Nagi that this is typical of him.

On the other hand, Sachi has packed her things and tells her parents that she's going to live with Erika and her brother.

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