Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 163 - SUMMARY

163: Sleeping Beauty of the Literary Forest - Part 4

Fumino is in the Kominami Clinic, and her recovery is going well, in fact, in two weeks she will have her cast removed.

At school, Rizu gives "complimentary chocolates" to Nariyuki, and then Uruka also gives complimentary chocolates to Nariyuki, but with the message "Do your best".

After that, Fumino is studying with Nariyuki at the library. She also brought "complimentary chocolates" for Nariyuki, but she's not sure whether to give it to him, since after all, Rizu and Uruka also gave Nariyuki complimentary chocolates.

Then Nariyuki notices that Fumino has brought chocolates, so he asks her if she brought them to eat herself. Hearing that, Fumino gets angry, but then tries to explain to Nariyuki that the chocolates are for him, but at that point, Uruka sends Fumino a text message thanking her, and telling her that she could give her chocolate to the person she loves.

Once she finishes reading Uruka's message, Fumino changes her version of the story about the chocolates she has.

Hours go by, and Fumino finds herself walking alone, wondering if she should throw the chocolates away or put them away, although that wouldn't make any sense anymore, since she couldn't give them to Nariyuki.

Suddenly, a gust of wind comes up and blows the chocolates Fumino had in her hands into the river. But suddenly, Nariyuki appears and jumps into the river to retrieve the chocolates. Fumino holds on to Nariyuki and tells him the chocolates are for him. Hearing that, Nariyuki happily eats them.

After a while, Nariyuki went to Fumino's house to take a bath and not catch a cold. Then he asks when her cast will be removed, to which Fumino replies that it will take longer.

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