Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 276 - SUMMARY


Some time has passed, and we see Haruka entering a room, and then she says, "Are you ready? When you're done, go to the waiting room." And before she leaves, Haruka blushes, because in front of her eyes there is a person dressed as a bride.

Out of the car comes a beautiful woman, who is in fact Miyabi and has become a successful actress. People who are close to her start muttering about the TV program where she appears.

"Miyabi!" said Rui as she raised her hand to greet.

Miyabi turns around and greets Rui, then tells her that she came to the wedding. The two of them talk for a moment about how they met again after some time, since Miyabi was filming a scene in the restaurant where Rui works.

"By the way... When I was in college I heard about your sister's accident. How has her recovery been so far?" said Miyabi.

" Yeah. Hina-nee had to go through a tough rehab."

Then Rui mentions that it took half a year for Hina to talk and three years for her to walk. In all that time, Hina never gave up.

"I see. That your sister is getting married today is also the result of her efforts."

"No, convincing her was the hardest part. I've forgotten the times I fought her to convince her."

"Eh...? Did you have to convince her...?"

Years ago, Rui remembers when Hina asked her why she didn't marry Natsuo, since they have a daughter after all.

"When you were in the hospital, I could hear what the master said, especially the sacrifice you made... At that moment, I felt a lump in my throat and thought, 'I can't win like that'. And I told myself I couldn't do it that way."

Hina is silent.

"Natsuo is a very important person to me. That's why I want him to be with someone who values him more. I'm sure you two are meant to be together. After all, that's my way of loving. But if you don't like Natsuo, you can reject him."

"... That's an unfair thing to say." Hina starts crying. "Of course... I love Natsuo-kun."

Back in the present, Rui tells Miyabi that this is how Hina received the marriage proposal.

"In many ways, that was complicated."

"It was complicated from the start."

After that, Rui goes to Hina's room, and is greeted by Haruka and Tsukiko. Seeing her sister in her wedding dress, Rui blushes and starts crying.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry... Hina-nee. It's just that I'm so happy..."

"Don't tell me that... you want to change places?"

"Of course not!" Rui wipes her tears. "It's just that I'm so happy for you."

Both sisters hug each other, and after a while, the wedding begins.

At the altar, Natsuo waits for Hina. And once they both put the ring on and take their vows, they seal their love with a kiss (among the guests, Rui and Haruka are very happy to see that moving scene).

Some time passes, and we see Hina and Haruka coming home from shopping. Haruka mentions that it's very hot and then pounces on Natsuo. But then Hina tells Haruka that she has to go to her virtual english classes with Daniela, who, by the way, now has a daughter.

After a moment, Hina is carrying a box containing books from Natsuo's latest novel. Hina asks him what the novel is about, which Natsuo tells her is based on his life.

"Can I read it?" asked Hina as she held the book.

"Of course."

The novel Natsuo published is called "Domestic na Kanojo".

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  1. I had a feeling that Natsuo will end up with both Hina and Rui,and to be honest,it's better this way,cuz Rui have a kid with him,and she loves him. And Natsuo loves both of them,so i guess it's okay? I felt bad for Rui before, but if spoiler is true,that is fine i guess.

    1. it's seems like a hare kon theme .. xD

  2. I don't even know what to say anymore if i could go back in time i wouldn't read this shit. This end has nosense all the things hina did for natsu and rui to get married and live happy and look at this

  3. leave for a week...? jajajajaja knowing how Rui is I bet she's leaving forever with out telling them.

  4. hahahahaha they were all screwed saying that rui should be with natsuo, hina deserves it and that's it.


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