Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 194 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 194


Hayasaka is meeting with two friends, who ask her if she will give chocolates to someone, since Valentine's Day is near. However, one of the friends tells the other to shut up because Hayasaka is in love with the president, who preferred to stay with Kaguya.

"Hmmm... it's complicated," said Hayasaka.

At that moment, Kaguya passes by the place and Hayasaka asks if she can go to her house, to which Kaguya says yes.

"Eeehhh?!?!! What kind of relationship do they have right now?!" thought one of the friends.

On the other hand, Shirogane is talking with Iino about whether she should give Ishigami chocolates. But Iino isn't quite sure if she should, so Shirogane tells her that it would be best if she gave him chocolates as a thank you for taking care of her when her arm was broken.

"... Yes, you're right," said Iino with a flushed face.

Meanwhile, Kaguya is in her room and is talking with Hayasaka, who asks her if she can give chocolates to the president.

"............. Are you sure? You caused the president a lot of stress during the school trip. Maybe you should give him a few as a courtesy," Kaguya said as she looked away.

"Yes, I will. Courtesy is important."

Then they both agreed that the best thing would be to buy the chocolates, since previously when they made the chocolates manually, they had a bad experience.

In the student council room, Shirogane tells Iino that it would be best for her to buy the chocolates, although ideally she should make them by hand, as that way she will better convey her feelings. But because of a bad experience Shirogane had in the past, he tells her to buy them instead.

"The president is very kind to me... So I'll give you my Honmei choco," said Iino with a smile.

"But your Honmei choco is for Ishigami, right?"

"No. I will give him the Giri choco in a way that is honorable. This way, I won't bring trouble to anyone."

And so, each of the girls started pouring their feelings into each of the chocolates they made. Although there were some who preferred to buy them.

Then... Valentine's Day began.

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