One Piece Chapter 984 - SPOILER

One Piece Chapter 984

Chapter 984: Yamato's face is revealed!

After being attacked, Ulti and Page One come to their senses and are fine. Then the members of the beastly pirates comment that the users of the dinosaur-type devil fruit are very resistant.

Yamato tells Luffy that he wants to talk to him in a place where there are no subordinates of Kaido, to which Luffy says that it would only take him 5 seconds to finish with all of them, but Yamato says no and creates a smoke screen.

The samurais invade the banquet hall, while Law checks the situation from his submarine.

On the other hand, Izo meets Kiku.

Luffy gives Yamato five minutes to talk. Then Yamato tells him that he witnessed Oden's execution and was impressed, and that he now wants to continue his legacy.

From one moment to the next, Yamato's mask falls off and Luffy sees in "him" something that reminds him of Ace (apparently, Yamato is a woman).

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