The Cuckoo's Fiancee Chapter 18 - SUMMARY

18: How many have proposed to you so far?

Nagi has spent the night on the living room furniture, so when he wakes up, he does so with a terrible neck pain, and because he could not sleep well, he rose early. At the same time, Sachi also gets up early, which surprises Erika, who says: "It's the weekend and you're already up, Sachi?!"

"Well, yes... it's my daily routine," said Sachi as she prepared breakfast.

Once the three of them finish breakfast, Erika tells them to go shopping, but Nagi tells her no, since Sachi has to study. However, Nagi's opinion didn't matter to Sachi, who in the end decided to go with Erika on a shopping trip. And since he had no other choice, Nagi had to go too.

At the shopping centre, Erika and Sachi are very happy, while Nagi tells them that it was not necessary for him to accompany them; however, Erika tells him that it was necessary, as he has to carry the shopping.

Some young people pass by the place, who are amazed by the beauty of Sachi and Erika.

"Sachi-chan, Sachi-chan, how many people have proposed to you so far?" Erika said with a smile.

"Huh? Mmmm... since I entered high school... I forgot!!"

"Oh, wow. It must have been hard to turn them down!"

At that moment, Nagi-san thought, "From Amano-san I understand, but Sachi-san?!"

Then the three of them went into a store and Erika bought a huge frame, and when they left the place, Erika told Nagi to carry it. As they left, Nagi noticed that he lost sight of them, but managed to see a large crowd. Suddenly, some young people who were nearby started muttering some things: "Hey, that's getting ugly."

"What a pity..."

"Apparently it was two girls."

"Shouldn't we call the police?"

Hearing that, Nagi thought something bad had happened to Erika and Sachi, so he started running towards the crowd in a hurry. However, it was a big surprise to see that Erika and Sachi were only eating ice cream and that the reason for the big crowd was because Erika is famous.

After that, the three of them go home and take a picture, which Erika puts on the frame she had bought at the mall.

"I'm sure the three of us will have a lot of fun!" Erika said.

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  1. the story is becoming interesting....hopefully there will be more new characters who can make this entertaining like yamada kun lololol


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