The Cuckoo's Fiancee Chapter 20 - SPOILER


Segawa is on the cover.

A new day begins, and Erika gets up early and sees Nagi dressed casually as if he were going out, so she wonders why he is dressed that way, but then she mentions that she doesn't care and goes to sleep.

After that, Segawa and Nagi meet at an amusement park. Once their date starts, they try out different activities and then go to eat.

As part of their date, they enter a maze of mirrors, and once inside, Nagi doesn't know what's going on and quickly becomes confused, which causes him to accidentally trip and end up kissing Segawa, or at least that's what he thought.

Nagi quickly apologizes to Segawa, who is not angry and tells him that it was only her reflection in the mirror, and when she sees him blushing, she tells him that he is very cute.

The chapter ends with Erika arriving home, while Sachi shows an angry face, then asking Erika if she knows where Nagi is.

Full summary in the next few hours.

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