Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 277 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Manga 277

Chapter 277: Who it is

Deku uses his Blackwhip and throws it at Shigaraki, while Bakugo creates an explosion as a distraction.

Deku fears that Shigaraki's power will return, so he asks the others to protect Aizawa, since thanks to his quirk, Shigaraki's power is suppressed.

Suddenly, Shigaraki begins to have hallucinations, and inside his hallucination, a person appears and says, "Brother, be mine." Then Shigaraki tries to avoid that person, but at that moment, Gran Torino appears and hits him on the shoulder.

"Don't break Nana Shimura's will anymore!" exclaimed Gran Torino.

"Who are you?" Shigaraki asks.

Once Shigaraki recovers, he shakes off the blow Gran Torino gave him and then smiles. And from above him, Bakugo causes a huge explosion.

On the other hand, at the mansion, we see Gigantomachia and Mt. Lady getting ready to fight.

The chapter ends with the two fighting.

Full summary in the next few hours.

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