Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 165 - SUMMARY

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Manga 165

Chapter 165: Sleeping Beauty of the Literary Forest - Part 6

It's been several days since the college entrance exams ended, so Fumino and the others went skiing on their graduation trip.

Nariyuki isn't very good at skiing, so as soon as he tried to ski, he crashed into a tree. Then Fumino tried to get closer to Nariyuki to help him, but when she saw that Uruka got there first, she stopped.

Quickly, Fumino leaves the place, but is chased by Nariyuki. And, after a moment, the two of them strayed off the road and ended up in an accident.

Nariyuki and Fumino ended up inside a storage booth, so they both wrapped themselves in a towel to keep warm. Then Nariyuki tells Fumino that he's been thinking about one person too much lately, and when she hears that, Fumino thinks it's Uruka.

Fumino tells Nariyuki that she's in love with someone, which leaves Nariyuki surprised, but then Fumino tells him that they should both do their best with the person they love, for which Nariyuki thanks her.

Once the blizzard subsided, Nariyuki and Fumino returned safely to the resort. And as Nariyuki watched Uruka, who was hugging Fumino, he remembered when she confessed to him.

"I'm sorry, Uruka. Right now, there is someone else on my mind. I cannot respond to your feelings when mine are superficial," Nariyuki said.

Hearing that, Uruka thanks Nariyuki for his honesty and asks that things remain as they were.

Returning to the present, Nariyuki feels despondent about having hurt Uruka, who is an irreplaceable person for him.

Meanwhile, Fumino's heart began to pound as she recalled how she and Nariyuki held hands while in the shelter. She told herself, however, that this is nothing more than pain (?), as she cannot be with him.

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