Gamers! Volume 12 - Chapter 3 - SUMMARY

Gamers! Volume 12 - Chapter 3

Konoha Hoshinomori and First Love

"Uhmm... not that I care, but is it okay that I'm here? Is that okay?"

"If you have time to talk nonsense, then get the eroge I asked for, senpai."

"Ah, yes. I'm sorry."

Without further ado, Hoshinomori Konoha dismissed Amano's opinion, and he quietly began looking again for the "Legendary Eroge" video game that Konoha had asked for.

Amano was in the student council room at Hekiyou Academy, and in the middle of his search he found a box containing many magazines about student council members, so he told Konoha that there was no chance that the eroge she was looking for would be found there.

"But there's also the possibility that the eroge is stored on a micro SD card," Konoha said.

At the time, Amano thought there was no way that would be possible, but he continued his search. And after a moment, he noticed that almost every box in the place was full of many magazines, and he concluded that checking the other boxes would take more time. So he looked at the wall where there was a clock, which was about to strike 6:00 p.m., and he remembered that he had arrived at the student council at 4:30 p.m., so he was working for an hour and a half. Then Amano sums up his courage and decides to make a proposal to Konoha.

Before Amano said anything, Konoha said, "Okay, senpai. I'm not the kind of person who would force someone to look for something I want for hours."

The expression Konoha made was very strange for Amano, after all, it was a beautiful expression. But suddenly, Konoha made a serious expression and said, "But it's not like there's anything wrong with asking someone to help me find an eroge, is there?"

"Ah? But wouldn't that be weird?"

"Of course not. Since senpai is no stranger to me."


At that moment, Amano remembered that last month Konoha had also spoken to him kindly, which made him blush.

Then, with a touching look and moistened lips, Konoha looked at Amano and said, "It is because you are my senpai."


"After all, you're my friend, aren't you? Yes, I know! You're my eroge friend!"

"Stop, don't say that! That's a terrible, strange expression!"

Seeing Amano's expression, Konoha tells him that what she's looking for is a "database" that was left by the old student council, and that for that reason she needs his help, and of course, she also wants to know where the video game "Legendary eroge" is hidden.

"Oh, by the way, I told my sister to come pick me up today," said Konoha.

Quickly, Amano stood up and opened the door to the student council room. But there was no one outside. So he started looking around until he was sure no one was there. With a smile, Konoha approached Amano and said, "Oh, I haven't called her yet."

Upon hearing that, Amano was greatly relieved, so he quickly returned to his place of work once the door was closed, and behind him, for some reason, was Konoha with a devilish smile.

"Fu, fu, what's wrong with you, senpai? Do you feel like you're having a romantic affair?"

"No, I don't! I mean, I'm not having an affair, but I'm afraid to have one."

"Isn't it a little unreasonable what you're saying?" said Konoha as she put one of her fingers in her mouth.

Seeing her, Amano took a deep breath and continued his search in the middle of all the boxes, then said, "Konoha-san, let's get back to work."

Konoha makes a pout of dissatisfaction, but Amano ignores her and continues to work. So with a somewhat reticent look, Konoha returns to work as well.

Amano wasn't upset with Konoha, but rather worried about her, since he didn't know how he should react to a little sexual harassment.


Spring break is just a few days away. It's been about a week since White Day, and Amano finally got a chance to talk to Konoha alone.

However, when Amano visited the Student Council room at Hekiyou Academy, Konoha was looking for the video game "Legendary Eroge," which is hidden somewhere in the student council room.

And while the two of them were still looking for that video game in silence, Amano was getting ready to break the ice, since from the beginning he went to look for Konoha to talk about that confession she made to him during the White Day. Then, when Amano was about to say something, Konoha unexpectedly stands up and exclaims loudly, "Ah, I need to check the shelf!"

Obviously, Konoha was trying to avoid Amano's response, who was prepared for that from the beginning, since she had been acting the same way for a whole week.

But all that was about to change, as today Amano came determined to give Konoha an answer.

Somehow or other, Amano tried to break the ice, as he knew how difficult the situation would become. He did not want to see Konoha suffer, but he needed to be honest with his feelings. And while the two were still searching, Amano found a somewhat curious video game on a shelf.

Seeing what Amano found, Konoha, in a state of excitement, pulled Amano's arm and said, "Hey, senpai! Isn't that the video game we were looking for? Legendary eroge?"

"Hmm, I think so..."

"Well, senpai. I know it's too late, but would you like to play it...?"

"You don't need to ask. Do you think I'm the kind of person who would go home without playing something as interesting as this?" Amano said with a smile.

"Thank you, senpai," replied Konoha as she looked tenderly at Amano.

When Amano saw that the atmosphere between them had calmed down, he felt a great sense of satisfaction.


A moment had passed since the two found the video game "Legendary Eroge", and suddenly, Konoha's hands stopped. A great wave of agitation appeared in her eyes, as she remembered when it was the moment she fell in love with Amano.

For Konoha, it all started that day when Amano recommended the game "Rainbow Court" to his friend. She felt that Amano was her destiny. And when she was finally able to talk to him and get to know him even better, she realized that what she felt for him was true love. Although she always knew that this was an impossible love. But just seeing him every day, seeing him smile and show that tender look, made Konoha's heart soar.

With each passing day, Konoha began to grow more attached to Amano. Amano's kindness and words made Konoha realize that what she was feeling was love. And though she does not regret falling in love with him, she knows she can never have a future with him. That's why for a week she avoided hearing Amano's answer.

When he saw that Konoha was not saying anything, Amano felt worried and asked her if everything was all right, to which she said, "Ah, yes. Everything is fine, senpai. You don't have to worry."

Immediately, Konoha regained her spirits, and somehow or other Amano was more relieved. Then Amano's expression changes and he says, "This is my answer."

Konoha knew what Amano was going to tell her, so she quickly tried to change the conversation. But now it was all in vain, Amano was determined to give her his answer.

"Konoha-san, why don't you want to hear my answer?"

Konoha remains silent and answers him with a bitter look.

A little nervous, Amano continues, "I don't want to put this off any longer. I know it's painful, but I have to do it."

Then Konoha sits in one of the chairs nearby and prepares to hear the words she had tried so hard to avoid.

"Konoha-san. At this point, there is already another woman I love. That's why I can't accept your confession."

Even though Konoha had prepared for this moment, she could not avoid the pain she felt in her chest. Her heart began to pound and she felt she could not speak. Still, she wanted to show her strength and return a smile, to finally tell Amano that she would always support him in any way.

At that moment, Amano asked Konoha to please remain his friend. And seeing the kindness of her senpai, Konoha was able to draw out the necessary strength, only to say later, "That I remain your friend is a very merciful thing, so I will have to politely decline your proposal."


The atmosphere between the two had become very depressing. So Konoha, who was holding a small box, decided to open it and see its contents. That's when they discovered a small USB stick that was labeled "Eroge Tsukuru".

"Huh? What does Tsukuru mean?" said Amano.

Although they were both depressed, they decided to turn on the laptop that there was in the room to see the contents of the USB. And once they saw the contents, they found a file that said, "For those who inherit the will." Immediately, Konoha took out the USB stick and turned off the laptop, and then put it in a closet.

"Well... Then shall we continue with the story that I don't want to be your friend?" said Konoha.

"Ah, yes..." answered Amano dejectedly.

Somehow or other, the two of them were able to talk at ease. But suddenly, someone knocked on the door of the student council room.

"Are you there, Konoha? I've come to pick you up."

"Huh? Chiaki?" said Amano.

Quickly, Amano gets ready to leave the student council room. Then, before Konoha left with Chiaki, she gives Amano a big shout and says, "Senpai, can you pass me my bra before I go home?!"

Hearing that, Amano blushes and says, "Konoha-san! Why did you say that?!"

"It's because I don't feel like being your friend, senpai. And I'd better go because my sister has run away."

"Huh? Wait, Chiaki! It's not what it looks like! Hey!" exclaimed Amano as he ran out in search of Chiaki.

At that moment, Konoha thought, "Ah, this is fun after all. I wonder how much longer I'll be able to spend with senpai?... But still, I'm definitely gonna turn this around... senpai."

Gently, Konoha closed the door of the student council. And so, this story will continue.

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