Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 195 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 195

Chapter 195:

Well, this will be a short and direct summary, so as not to go into too much detail (although there are none).

Valentine's Day started, and Ishigami is worried that he doesn't have good memories about that special date because no one has given him anything, so he tells himself that if someone gave him at least one giri choco, he would be happy.

However, Ishigami's gloomy thinking changes when Tsubame approaches him and gives him a box of chocolates. He is very happy, while Tsubame is embarrassed and runs away from the place.

After a while, Ishigami receives chocolates from Onodera, then Osaragi and finally Chika, which leaves him very surprised and thinks he is in a phase of popularity with the girls.

So Ishigami goes quickly to the student council to show off his chocolates to the president, but when he gets there, he is surprised that the president had received many boxes of chocolates.

In the student council there is also Iino, so the president encourages her and mentions that he has something to do, to finally leave. This way, Iino is left alone with Ishigami.

Iino summons up courage and gives Ishigami a "giri choco" and tells him that she only does it because they are fellow student council members.

With a smile and a flushed face, Ishigami says to Iino, "Even though it's a giri choco, it makes me very happy".

Then Iino leaves the student council saying that she has something to do, and on the way, she gets excited by the words that IshiGod said to her.

On the other hand, Maki secretly watches as Nagisa gives chocolates to Tsubasa.

And finally, the president receives chocolates from everyone's favorite girl, the one and only Hayasaka, who asks him to be her friend again.

Oh, right, there's Kaguya, too. She also gives chocolates to the president.

End of summary.

Next week there's no chapter.

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