Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 196 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 196

Chapter 196:

Now that Valentine's Day is over, Maki is once again in the student council room to ask some advice from Ishigami and the president. Ishigami approaches Maki and gives her some herbal tea, then says, "So... what sad episode do you have to tell us today?"

"Sad episode!?" exclaimed Maki.

Then Maki tells them that this time she has nothing sad to tell them and that they're not getting the wrong idea, to which Ishigami asks, "Then why did you come?"

"Why do you keep asking that...? I... just wanted to be with you," said Maki with a touching look.

Hearing that, Ishigami and the president decided to hang out with Maki, so they said it would be best to go to a recreational area to play. And as they walk down the school hallway, they meet Hayasaka, who eventually decides to join the group and go play with them.

"So, what do you say we go to karaoke?" said Ishigami.

"I'd rather die than go to karaoke," Hayasaka said with a cool look, "so let me pick the place."

This way, the group ends up going to a baseball field. And Hayasaka shows that she's very good at batting, but then she says she often goes to that place when she's upset with her employer.

Once Hayasaka finishes batting, she gives the bat to Shirogane, who is nervous because he's not very good at the sport.

A moment passes, and Shirogane's turn ends, and then another moment, Ishigami's turn ends. Now it's Maki's turn, who shows she's a good batter, even though it's her first time.

Seeing Maki play, Ishigami and Shirogane are amazed at how athletic she is, then Hayasaka says Maki is almost at the same level as Kaguya. So, knowing all that, Ishigami and Shirogane wonder how best to treat Maki now, since they've always been informal with her. But Maki tells them that they don't have to treat her differently now that they know her true position as part of the Shijo family.

After that, the group goes to a nearby restaurant and decides to eat a bowl of meat. At that place, Maki starts crying as she tells about her love problems. Hearing that, Hayasaka feels a little nostalgic (because Kaguya was the same way).

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