Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 149 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 149

Chapter 149:

As Chizuru watched her grandmother, she tells herself that she doesn't need to tell her the truth, since after all, her grandmother probably cannot hear her, and even if she could, the truth would break her heart.

Suddenly, Kazuya enters the room, and without giving any explanation, he sets up a projector. Then Chizuru's film starts to be shown, and without saying anything, Kazuya leaves.

While watching the film, Chizuru remembers that she told her grandfather on his deathbed that she would become an actress like Grandma Sayuri. Suddenly, Sayuri opens her eyes and watches the movie.

The chapter ends with Grandma Sayuri closing her eyes and smiling. She lies down on Chizuru's arm, who cries happily.

Editor's note: "After the tears, all the things she wanted to say to her have been projected on the wall."

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  1. dayum im looking forward to see the full one <3 now grandma sayuri can rest happily now :'>

  2. Man, this is so sad. But Kazuya show us that he is a real hero!

  3. What is the volume of this chapter?


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