Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 130 - SUMMARY

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The dawn of humanity

After Hange talks about the city of Libero, Annie decides to leave the alliance and says she has no reason to fight, since she doesn't want any more bloodshed with Mikasa, the 104th and Eren.

Then we see a flashback of Historia and Eren.

Historia thanks Eren for protecting her. Then Eren tells her his plan, which Historia tells him she's against. But Eren tells her it's the only way to protect the future. Besides, he's not willing to let Historia and her children be sacrificed for the island.

Historia tells Eren that she cannot live with pride if she allows that plan to be realized. But Eren tells her that he will control everyone's memories with the founding Titan, so he asks her to do nothing. However, Historia objects once again.

"That's wrong! Not everyone who lives off the island is an enemy! Like your mother, they're people who don't even know why they're being killed so suddenly!" said Historia.

"I know. But the only way to break the cycle of hate is to eliminate the history of hate from this world."

Historia is silent and Eren says, "I'm sure you can do it, since you're the worst girl in the world because you saved me."

"So Eren, what if I have a child?"

Then we see Eren talking with Zeke about the Ackerman's instinct and the headaches they have, to which Zeke tells him that Mikasa does not protect him because of the Ackerman's instinct, but does so because she loves him.

"How will you respond to that?" Zeke said.

"What are you talking about, brother? I only have four years to live. After I die, your lives must go on. I want everyone to live happily ever after."

The chapter ends with the Titans destroying everything in their path, and behind them is Eren.

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