Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 199 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Kaguya wants to ask

"Yu-kun, you're really awesome. Your grades went up brutally!" Tsubame said with a smile.

Hearing that, Ishigami, who is walking with Tsubame, asks his senpai what she means by "brutally", which Tsubame tells him his grades have improved considerably, so she asks him why.

"Really, it's nothing," said Ishigami. "I just wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with Senpai. That's why I tried so hard."

Tsubame blushes and is happy to know all that Ishigami has done, since he is now a completely different person than when she first met him.

On the other hand, Kaguya finished in first place, and so did Maki. So Kaguya wonders where the president ended up.

"Miyuki Shirogane, 12th place"

"You've come down quite a bit. Didn't you feel good?" said Maki. "You don't seem upset, though."

"In half a year I will go to study in the United States. I've been very focused on that."

"I see. That makes sense."

"Also," Shirogane turns his gaze to Kaguya, "another reason I was studying was to be in the same condition as you. But now..."

After a moment, Kaguya tells Nagisa what Shirogane told her. And then Nagisa says, "I see. All men are equal."

"What do you mean?" Kaguya asks.

"That boys don't give bait to fish that are already caught!"

Then Nagisa explains to Kaguya that now that she is dating Shirogane, he will no longer do anything to strive, as he has finally achieved his goal. Nagisa gives her as an example her relationship with Tsubasa, who at first answered her messages, but now he doesn't even make an effort to answer her.

Hearing that, Kaguya gets worried, so she sends a message to Shirogane saying she wants to see him to talk about something important.

When Shirogane receives the message, he worries and fears that Kaguya will reproach him for the low grade he got. He concludes that she may want to end the relationship.

Then, after a while, Kaguya arrives in the student council room and starts testing Shirogane to see if he's stopped putting effort into their relationship. But when she saw that Shirogane was still the same as ever and was still putting effort into their relationship, Kaguya decided to apologize to him.

"President, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I tested you. I just wanted to see if you could handle all those problems to be with me..."

"Huh? You really surprised me," said Shirogane as he wiped off his sweat. "I thought you were upset with me for not getting first place.

As an apology, Kaguya tells Shirogane that she'll give him a foot massage. And as Kaguya massages Shirogane's feet, Iino arrives in the student council room and sees Kaguya kneeling, while Shirogane is sitting at the desk laughing.

"So the president is someone who likes to be treated like a king when he's with his girlfriend," thought Iino in terror.

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