Nanatsu no Taizai: Lancelot One-shot - SUMMARY

Nanatsu no Taizai: Lancelot One-shot


It's been a while. Now the fairy kingdom has a human king and a fairy queen. And a prince has been born...

Near the place there's a human trying to sell some things to the fairies. He tells them that those objects are legendary, as some belonged to Merlin and others have some legendary history. So, two fairies who were with the man decided to buy the objects.

"Good! Apparently the trash I have has value here!" thought the man. "Fairies who don't know the human world are really friendly."

Suddenly, a fairy appears and says, "Show me what you have there!"

Seeing the beauty of the fairy, the man is surprised and thinks, "Woww... She's really beautiful! And she's very elegant! This is the best I could have found!"

The man goes up to the fairy and tells her he'll tell her a story, so if she wants to hear it, then she'll have to go somewhere else.

"Okay!" replied the fairy with a charming smile.

Then, after a moment, the fairy meets the man in a certain faraway place. And, seeing her alone, the man takes out a bag and tries to capture her. But the fairy knew the man's intentions from the start, so in one quick move, she gives him a good punch in the stomach.

"Next time I see you selling garbage, I'll kill you!" said the fairy with a smile. "And one more thing... I'm not a woman."

After that, that fairy meets the other fairies who were swindled by that man and gives them back their things. Then he says goodbye to them, and while he was walking in the woods, the other fairies were talking about the good deeds he had done. His name is Lancelot, son of Ban and Elaine.

Once Lancelot is left alone, he creates a spear, then throws it with all his might onto a rock. Then Lancelot's true personality comes to the fore. He's really angry with his father for letting humans into the fairy's kingdom to sell "junk". He starts jumping from one place to another, destroying everything. And, once he calms down, he looks for his father and points with the spear he made.

"Dad, I think there are some things we should talk..." said Lancelot. "Since daddy doesn't do things right, humans just walk in whenever they want, and cheat the rest of the fairies out of it by selling crap. Shouldn't you have more of a conscience as a king? What do you think?"

"I'm... I'm sorry," Ban replied.

"That's not good enough anymore."

"But you are my son. So thank you for everything, Lancelot.

On hearing that, Lancelot grimaces and leaves. While Ban tells Elaine that his son is really hard to deal with and that it's probably because he's already at that age.

Meanwhile, Lancelot is walking around cheerfully, his spirits seem to have improved once he talked to his father.

Suddenly, a woman appears and Lancelot says, "Master? How long have you been there?"

"Since you were happily walking down the middle of the road..."

So, that woman, who is actually Jericho, asks Lancelot to show her the wound he got on his forehead. So Lancelot, with a certain delicacy, lifts up some of his hair and shows the wound he has. And as she watches him act in such a casual way, Jericho thinks that he is really beautiful as a woman.

Lancelot, who can read minds, realized what his master was thinking. So he runs out of the place saying he's not a woman.

After a moment, Lancelot, who now has short hair, is talking to his mother, who asks him, "Oh. So, what happened?"

Lancelot doesn't say anything, so Elaine says, "I think doing that was extreme... Jericho's not a bad person and there's nothing strange about her either. It's just that you're so cute just like your cousin."

"Even if she did not say it in a bad way, I am still hurt," said Lancelot.

"But still, you look beautiful."

At that moment, Ban arrives and says, "I am back."

"Oh, you were on patrol today," said Elaine.

Ban asks Elaine to pass him one of his special drinks, then he approaches Lancelot and asks him what happened to his hair. Then Elaine takes out the "Aberdeen" bottle, which is one of Ban's favorite drinks. And while Ban was drinking to his heart's content, Lancelot asks him if he can drink it too.

"Huh? So suddenly?" exclaimed Elaine, who was asking her son not to.

Without thinking twice, Ban, with a smile, pours his son a little drink, who, on tasting it, asks: "Dad, who taught you to drink this drink...?"

Ban remembers Zhivago and says, "...My father. It was him... who taught me everything."

Then, in one mouthful, Lancelot drinks the entire drink, leaving his parents amazed.

"With this, I am now a grown man!" exclaimed Lancelot.

At that moment, a fairy appears saying that she needs the king's help. So Ban, in the company of his son, goes to the place where the salesman who tried to kidnap Lancelot used to be, and meets Jericho. While there, a fairy explains the situation.

It turns out that the salesman who had been beaten by Lancelot disappeared from nowhere, leaving no trace. One of the fairies mentions that it was raining at the time and could not be seen clearly, but what was certain is that the salesman ran away and disappeared suddenly.

Lancelot starts looking all over the place, picking up rocks and hitting the ground with his foot. But in the end he found nothing. So Jericho tells him to stop doing that.

Ban mentions that lately there's been a rumor that a lot of people from Britannia have been disappearing suddenly.

"Among all those cases, there were Knights of the Expedition who disappeared in front of a fairy or a giant," Ban said. "And even if that information is true... Meliodas has not yet been able to find the cause of these strange disappearances. Anyway, tomorrow morning I'll find out what's going on."

"Dad... Please let me help you!" said Lancelot.


"Please!! I will definitely be of help!!"

"You won't. So go home right now!" Ban replied with a serious look. "This is not child's play!"

Lancelot looks down and leaves annoyed, while Ban keeps talking to the other fairies about the situation.

In the evening, Ban asks Elaine how Lancelot is doing, to which she says that as soon as he arrived he went to sleep without saying a word.

"His attitude is changing lately," Ban said. "I think it started that time, on the captain's son's birthday. And after fighting Tristan and hurting his forehead, he began to have the ability to read minds. Is that what's causing it?"

Elaine hugs Ban and tells him that occasionally injuries are a trigger to awaken an occult power, and that because he is her son, Lancelot will probably one day be able to read a person's heart.

"Of course, being able to read other people's minds is really stressful," Elaine said. "But if we really want to know why Lancelot has changed, then the reason is because of you, Ban."

"Huh? Me?"

It turns out that Lancelot, like Tristan, had also received the memories of the "Seven Deadly Sins" group because Gowther used his magic on him.

Then Ban walks up to his son, and with a smile on his face, he embraces him and says, "Don't be in a hurry to want to be an adult. Stay with us a little longer."

The next day, Lancelot wakes up early and goes to the place where the salesman disappeared. He meets Jericho.

Meanwhile, Ban has a dream about what he was like as a child. So at that moment, he wakes up agitated and knows that Lancelot is just like him, so he decides to go looking for him.

On the other hand, Lancelot says," Master... How did you know I was coming here?"

"I had a feeling," Jericho replies.

Suddenly, it starts to rain and Lancelot says: " Master... if I can solve this case alone... Do you think Dad would congratulate me?"

"What is the reason you want to be congratulated?"


"Anyway, I'll go with you."

"What? You're coming with me!?"

"Does that make you happy?" said Jericho with a smile.

At that point, Jericho notices something and says, "Hey... look at that..."

Some of the rain splits, so Jericho thinks maybe it's a hallucination or maybe something else.

"It's like an entrance somewhere," Jericho said. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Then I'll go alone!" exclaimed Lancelot.

"Wait!!" said Jericho as she held Lancelot's hand. "Never let go of my hand Lancelot!!"


So the two continued to walk towards the entrance that formed in the rain. And so, they disappeared.

By the time Ban and Elaine arrived at the site, their son had already disappeared.

"Lancelot!!!" exclaimed Ban.

After that day, news of Lancelot and Jericho's disappearance spread throughout the kingdom. And despite their great grief, Ban and Elaine continued to search for their son and Jericho for a long time, but could not find them.

Many years passed... And the prince, now called "Prince of the Lake" appears again. And with it the beginning of a new story.

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