Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 286 - SUMMARY

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 286

Chapter 286: The people inside of us

Deku is surprised to see that Bakugo saved him. And before he begins to fall, Bakugo says: "Don't try to win on your own..."

Suddenly, Todoroki, who is holding Endeavor, appears and grabs Bakugo's leg before he falls to the ground.

At that moment, Shigaraki says, "During the entire fight, there was a lot of unnecessary bloodshed, but this was the most useless."

Hearing that, Deku gets angry and says, "Take back what you just said!"

But suddenly, Shigaraki begins to decompose and the All For One comes out.

Meanwhile, in the city of Sairo, Gigantomachia feels the smell of its two masters.

On the other hand, Shigaraki is arguing with All For One, who says: "I've finally touched you, now, finally, I'll take the One For All..."

"If I hadn't lent you my power, you'd be dead now. And even if you had managed to survive, you would have died in the fall," said All For One.

"I told you to shut up, sensei. This is my will, my dream!" exclaimed Shigaraki.

Deku, who has been caught by Shigaraki, cannot move. But suddenly, Deku begins to fall to the ground, and at that moment, Nana appears and says, "You still can't move in this world. So let's do something about it."

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