Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 155 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 155

Chapter 155: The girlfriend and the sudden trip

While Sumi and Kazuya were traveling on the train, some passengers began to say that Sumi is very pretty, leaving Kazuya nervous, who then began to imagine what Sumi would look like in a bathing suit.

Then Sumi proposes a game to Kazuya, which consists of touching the fingers. But suddenly, Kazuya remembers Mami.

Once they arrive in Shonan, Sumi and Kazuya are surprised that swimming is forbidden there. Sumi was disappointed to see the news, while Kazuya began to imagine Sumi in a bathing suit again, but after remembering Chizuru and what she said that time in the hospital, he came to his senses.

Then, Sumi decides to take Kazuya to an observatory that was nearby. And when they were climbing the stairs, Kazuya sees Sumi's panties. He is embarrassed, so he stands in front of Sumi to avoid seeing her underwear one more time.

They both use the observatory's telescope.

After a moment, Sumi starts looking around, and near her there was a guy who was with his girlfriend. That guy started saying that Sumi is very pretty, while his girlfriend was looking at him. There were also more people near the place who began to look at Sumi in a perverted way.

There were two girls who were screaming near the sea, and when Sumi saw them, she started screaming too.

Next time: "Something I want to tell you."

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