Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 157 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 157

Chapter 157: The Girlfriend and The Boyfriend - Part 1

A new day has begun, Kazuya is at work and is talking with Ruka, who learns that Chizuru's grandmother has passed away. So, Ruka imagines the pain that Chizuru must be feeling at this moment. But, suddenly, she begins to fantasize that if she were in the same situation, then she would want Kazuya to encourage her.

Hearing this, Kazuya tells Ruka that he agrees with her and that he was also thinking about how he should encourage Chizuru. However, Ruka gets angry with him and tells him that it is not his duty to encourage Chizuru, as he is just a client who can never get close to her.

After a while, Ruka demands a date from Kazuya and tells him to take her to the amusement park, but Kazuya refuses.

After that, Kazuya is talking to his boss and asks him to please give him an advance on his salary. Hearing this, his boss asks him why he is asking for an advance, but seeing Kazuya's reaction, he decides to give it to him.

"A man's duty is to cheer up women," said his boss.

Once he finishes his shift at work, Kazuya starts thinking about all the times Chizuru has supported him. When he was hurt, or even when he lost himself, Chizuru was always by his side, supporting him and helping him stay positive. Now, the time has come for Kazuya to do something for her.

So, Kazuya plans to rent Chizuru out and show her the best date of her life.

Editor's note: How else can I pay back for the "ideal girlfriend" who has always supported me?... I would like to rent a girlfriend.

Next time: "The cheer-up date".

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