Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 158 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 158

Chapter 158: The Girlfriend and The Boyfriend - Part 2

Continuing with the events of the last chapter, Kazuya is excited about the date he will have with Chizuru, but at the same time he is nervous. And while he is waiting for Chizuru to arrive, he asks himself what she thought when she saw that he had booked a date with her for 10 hours.

"Did she feel strange? Did she get angry?" thought Kazuya.

Whatever the case, Kazuya was prepared for what might happen.

Suddenly, Chizuru arrives and shows her "rental girlfriend" mode. And seeing that, Kazuya feels uncomfortable, but he can't stop thinking about how pretty she looks either. After a while, Chizuru mentions the cost of the date, which is 67,000 yen (approximately $634). Once the payment is made, both start the date.

The first place they went was a boutique. So Kazuya tells Chizuru that she can choose whatever she wants. And hearing that, Chizuru doesn't object to the idea and starts looking for what clothes she should try on.

In the boutique there was a shelf with some very casual clothes, so Kazuya starts to imagine how Chizuru would look in those clothes. And when Chizuru sees him, she tells Kazuya that she will try it on and also wear a skirt that was very short.

"Dressed like this, let's have our date," said Chizuru.

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Seeing her, Kazuya falls even more in love with Chizuru, who decides to keep the clothes. And at that moment, the store manager shows up and tells them she will put the clothes in a bag for them to take away, but Chizuru says no, since she wants to wear them.

And hearing that, Kazuya is embarrassed, but Chizuru tells him that they are on a date right now, and that she is his "girlfriend", so his duty as her "boyfriend", is to make her look good.

Editor's note: "Kazuya has dedicated his body, his soul and his wallet to this date, and there is a lot to do! So, come on, Kazuya! Don't chicken out now!"

Next time: "What's the second part?"

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