Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 132 - SUMMARY

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Wings of freedom

Floch, who was believed to be dead, suddenly appears and fires a shot into the plane's fuel tank. So in one quick move, Mikasa fires her grappling hook into Floch's throat, who then says his last words, "Don't... go away. Please... don't go... everyone on the island... will be killed. Our... devil... Our only hope."

"Floch," said Jean.

"... He died. You're right, Floch. It's just as you say. But I can't give up. Even if it's not today, someday..." said Hange.

Now that Floch has died, the group needed to repair the plane, but at that moment all the colossal titans appear. So Hange decides to buy some time to the group.

Before leaving, Hange says goodbye to Levi, who tells her to devote her heart. Hearing that, Hange laughs because it is the first time Levi says that.

While the group was repairing the plane, Annie looks at Armin and mentions that she wants to live in peace. Seeing this, Mikasa realizes that Annie is in love with Armin, so she asks her when that happened.

Once the plane has been repaired, the group manages to flee. However, Gabi, Kiyomi, Annie, Yelena and Falco stay on the ship.

During the fight, Hange manages to kill 4 titans, but also suffers severe burns, which caused her to fall to the ground. Her last words were, "Ah, titans are really wonderful".

Hange could no longer move, and just before being trampled by the titans, she sees Erwin and her other fallen comrades.

"You have done well, Hange," Erwin said.

"Oh, I did good," Hange replied. "It was really hard to be the commander. And that idiot Eren!"

"I see. Don't worry, we have plenty of time, so I'll listen to your story," said Erwin.

Hange is dead.

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