Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 178 - SUMMARY

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 178

Chapter 178: The Ice Queen - Part 1

That day, at the school festival, Mafuyu extended her hand to Nariyuki to help him get up.

"When did something like this even happen?" said Mafuyu as her hand touched Nariyuki's hand.

With an astonished look on his face, Nariyuki remembers the time he held Mafuyu's hand, who told him that when he grew up, he should become a great person.

Some time has passed, and Mafuyu finds herself walking elegantly through the halls of the school. Nearby, there were two students, who are fascinated by how beautiful Mafuyu is and call her the ice queen because of her cold look.

Mafuyu was accompanied by Nariyuki, who was carrying some papers, and asked if he was ready for his next class.

"Yuiga-sensei?" said one of the students.

As it turns out, Nariyuki had become a teacher and started working at the same school where he was studying before.

"Oh... yes, of course," said Nariyuki in response to Mafuyu's question. "Although I only entered yesterday..." He drops his papers.

Nariyuki apologizes to Mafuyu and tries to pick up the papers, but at that moment, Mafuyu helps him and tells him that he must prepare himself better, as it seems that he is still behaving like her student. Meanwhile, one of the students who was nearby wonders who this new teacher is, to which her other classmate replies that he is teacher Yuiga and nothing else.

After that, Nariyuki is in the teacher's room and is talking with some colleagues, who tell him that they are jealous of him, since Mafuyu is his coach, that is, Mafuyu is helping and evaluating Nariyuki in his first classes.

After a while, Nariyuki is giving classes while being supervised by Mafuyu. Then one of his students asks him a question, which makes Nariyuki nervous and he starts looking in his book for the answer.

Once the class is over, Mafuyu gives some advice to Nariyuki, who, on seeing her, can only admire her for the incredible and good teacher she is.

Hours go by and Nariyuki arrives home. Then he tries to prepare for the classes he will give tomorrow, but he can't do it because of the bustle of his two brothers. Then, faced with such a situation, Nariyuki decides to rent an apartment.

Once Nariyuki chooses the new place where he is going to live, he starts to get organized and, at the same time, he gets excited because he will start a new stage in his life. Then, with a big smile, Nariyuki opens the living room window and sees Mafuyu, who was pulling down her skirt.

"Kirisu-sensei!" exclaimed Nariyuki as he covered his eyes with both hands.

"¡¡¡¡Ahhhh!!! Yu... Yu... Yuiga-kun!!?"

After a moment, both of them calm down and Mafuyu explains to Nariyuki that she has just moved in. Now, they will both be neighbors.

Then they both return to their respective apartments and at that moment, Nariyuki starts fantasizing about Mafuyu, but after a few seconds, he regains his composure. Suddenly, Nariyuki hears a noise coming from Mafuyu's apartment, so he decides to open his window to see what's going on.

Is everything all right, Kirisu-sensei?"

Without saying a word, Mafuyu, who was frightened, jumps from her window and falls on top of Nariyuki.

"Kirisu-sensei!!? Wait a moment, please!!"

"Yuiga-kun!! Save me!!"


"There's a worm in my room...!" said Mafuyu as she shed a few tears.

So Nariyuki accompanies Mafuyu to her apartment and is surprised that the whole place was a mess and dirty. And that worm Mafuyu had mentioned was in one of the garbage bags.

The next day, at school, Mafuyu tells Nariyuki not to tell anyone what he saw yesterday.

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