Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 204 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Tsubame Koyasu and Yu Ishigami - Part 2

"I really like Tsubame-senpai," thought Ishigami. "Her eyes are always full of love and care for others."

Under that cherry tree, Ishigami held Tsubame's hands tightly and said, "Let me say it once more. I like you, senpai. Please go out with me."

At this statement, Tsubame holds her breath and lets out a few tears, then responds with a smile and a melancholy look, "Yuu-kun. You have become stronger. I was really touched by what you said. And I'm still thinking of a way not to hurt you."

Ishigami is silent, while Tsubame continues, "Yuu-kun, I like you too. But I can't see you in a romantic way. I don't want to hurt you because of my rejection, but I'm sorry... this is unavoidable."

At that moment, Tsubame remembers the occasions when she also had to reject a romantic proposal, and tells Ishigami that no matter what, she could never recover the trust she had before with those people who used to be her friends, and that no matter how much they said they were going to be friends again, that, in fact, never happened.

Slowly, Ishigami lets go of Tsubame's hand, who confesses that she contacted Ootomo.

"When I knew the reason why everyone hated you. I... wanted to know the truth," Tsubame said with a smile. "So I contacted Ootomo and then decided what to do. But in the end, I had a big argument with her."

Ishigami remains silent, while Tsubame tells him the plan she made to help him.

"After meeting with Ootomo, I tried to think of many ways to help you. I contacted many people to ask for help. And in the end, we created a rumor, which was not easy to do," through tears, Tsubame looks down. "And although many people helped me, I'm sure they are now disappointed in me. But no matter, this is my selfish wish. And I wanted to tell you that I'm not rejecting you because I don't feel the same way as you do."

At that moment, Tsubame half-closes her eyes, lets out a few tears, then holds Ishigami's hand and says, "I am doing all this because in my heart you are someone very important. That's the reason... And I hope you can understand that."

Then Tsubame asks Ishigami to please remain her friend and not to leave her side for any reason.

"This is not fair, senpai..." replied Ishigami.

"I know, but I had to say it."

With a smile, Ishigami tells Tsubame that he will do his best to remain his friend and try not to walk away from her. The two of them come to an agreement and everything seems to be fine between them.

"Oh, by the way. You still have a graduation party to attend, senpai," said Ishigami. "But before you go, let me give you a present." Ishigami takes out a bouquet of flowers from the cherry tree and gives it to Tsubame. "Congratulations, senpai."

With a smile, Tsubame thanks him and says, "Let's meet again sometime!"


As Tsubame walked away, Ishigami began to fall apart. The smile that he initially showed in front of his senpai, began to turn into tears as he told himself that he could not cry in front of his beloved senpai.

Ishigami sits near the tree while saying, "I really loved you from the bottom of my heart. Ha ha ha ha. In the past, I used to make fun of people who cried when their hearts were broken. But, in reality, it hurts a lot..."

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  1. I saw a post from Instagram from someone who post it as a spoiler and honestly, as an Ishibame shipper well still am despite all this, I found this quite interesting because according to the post that I saw on Instagram, love can't be forced and it is something that happens on its own. I even saw in the post that " [for] Ishimiko shippers, please don't consider this as victory for the ship. Because Aka-sensei won't leave Ishigami like that forever besides he has unexcepted surprises coming up for the future chapters." I would say it will take some time for IShigami to recover since it is his first love but he has friends who are there to support him even though for the ship I still ship in my heart may not occur but is it wrong for me to ask for a little bit of hope? Crazy huh? But now, all I can say, is I feel bad for my boy Ishigami and I hope there is an aftermath chapter for this to see what happens to him. If you guys want to disagree with me if you wanted to Ishimiko is going to happen thanks to this, y'all better rethink that cause this is Aka-sensei work and it's choice and idea on how he wants to end the series since he stated that there will 300 chapters in total in an interview for the entire and we're in the last 100 chapters so yeah. (I'm not being mean but this is my opinion on this chapter and for future references) So yeah, better respect everyone's opinion before you get to judge them. (But yeah, there you go)

    1. No, you are right. I'm sure it will be a long time before anything happens between Ishigami and Iino. Everything has its process, besides, I still keep hope that something will happen between Tsubame and Ishigami (I hope so haha).


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