Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 205 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Chika Fujiwara wants to make him laugh

In the student council room, Shirogane tells the other members that now that the graduation ceremony is over, it is time to finish the remaining work they have.

"Okay," said Iino.

"Yes, that's fine," replied Chika.

With a silly expression on his face, Ishigami says some meaningless words. So the rest of his classmates, to keep up with him, tell him it's okay and to continue with that enthusiasm.

"Well, since we've come to this point in the year. I suggest we go out to eat to celebrate," said Shirogane.

"Oh, sounds good," replied Chika.

"That's fine with me. I'll adapt to your preferences," said Kaguya.

So, Chika and Iino mention what they want to eat. But suddenly, Ishigami mentions that he wants to go out for fried pudding.

"Fried pudding? What do you mean by that, Ishigami-kun?" Kaguya asked with a smile. "I don't think there's any such thing as fried pudding."

"No, no, wait. Who knows, maybe there is," said Shirogane. "But it seems our preferences are divided, so you'd better decide with rock, paper, or scissors."

Chika gets scissors, Iino gets rock and Ishigami gets... paper? Well, he does pull out paper, but he does it with both hands. In this way, the three end up tied. And seeing that, Chika shows a look of desperation as she asks for help.

"Ha ha ha. Relax, I've been joking all this time! Just follow my lead," said Ishigami as he laughed.

"It's not funny! You haven't noticed that no one is laughing!" exclaimed Chika.

"Really? You didn't think it was funny...?"

So, Ishigami tells Chika that he will try again, but Chika tells him not to, since she doesn't think it's funny. However, at that moment, Shirogane tells Chika to let Ishigami act as he wishes, since he was recently rejected by Tsubame.

"Ishigami's heart... has been broken," said Shirogane.

Once again, Ishigami begins to act like a fool. And seeing that attitude, Chika starts thinking of a way to make Ishigami the same as always. In this way, Chika proposes to make a word game, where everyone will have to say something meaningless (although it seems more like everyone has to say a joke).

Each one of them makes their best effort to make Ishigami laugh and, in the end, the only one who could manage to make Ishigami react was Chika.

After that, only Shirogane, Kaguya and Iino were left in the student council room talking about Ishigami's emotional state.

"Well, it seems that Ishigami is quite depressed, but if he continues at this pace, I think he will soon return to normal," said Shirogane.

Kaguya mentions that Tsubame is a great person and that she's surprised at how many people she moved to help Ishigami.

"It's definitely not something that's easy to emulate," Kaguya said.

"But Tsubame-senpai rejected Ishigami," said Iino. "In the end, doesn't that mean she didn't want to go out with him because he just wasn't her type? She just used other people to keep from getting hurt, didn't she?"

"Who knows. Maybe we won't get an answer to all this," responded Shirogane. "It will all depend on how they act in the future."

Meanwhile, Ishigami is on the rooftop looking up at the sky.

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