Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 161 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 161

Chapter 161: The Girlfriend and The Boyfriend - Part 5

"Do you want me to help you stretch?" Chizuru asked.

Hearing that, Kazuya blushes and doesn't know what to say, but then he tells Chizuru that it's okay, that he can do it on his own.

"Are you sure? It's more efficient if we both do it. Since I want to stretch out too," said Chizuru.

Once again, Kazuya blushes and thinks it's not a good idea for Chizuru to help him, as it will only 'disturb' him more. But, at that moment, Chizuru puts her hands on Kazuya's back and begins to help him stretch his body.

"Huh? What's wrong with this? Your back is so stiff!" said Chizuru.

The whole time Chizuru was helping Kazuya stretch his body, he just blushed every time she touched him; whether it was Chizuru's leg rubbing against a part of his body or the smell of her hair.

And when it was Kazuya's turn to help Chizuru stretch her body, he started blushing again. In the end, Kazuya ended up with high blood pressure because of all the activity he did with Chizuru.

"Good! Let's get started," Chizuru said.

Then, they both start climbing the rock wall. Chizuru manages to do it in a good time, while Kazuya barely climbs, in fact, he doesn't even get to the top, as he falls when he barely starts to climb.

After that, Chizuru decides to climb another rock wall, which has a greater difficulty. But suddenly, Kazuya sees that someone else is climbing it easily, which leaves him surprised, while Chizuru says, "Okay. I'll give it a try."

Then, determined, Chizuru starts climbing that rock wall. And when Kazuya sees her, he blushes once more, but when he sees that Chizuru is having trouble climbing it, he comes to his senses and decides to help her.

Kazuya tells Chizuru what is the best way to climb that rock wall. And when Chizuru hears all that, she analyzes the situation well and, after a while, she manages to climb the whole rock wall.

"Yes! I did it!" exclaimed Chizuru with a smile.

"That was amazing, Mizuhara!"

They both smiled and then shook hands, as they did a good job.

After that, they are both walking around the city, which by the way, it is already night. And while two people who were close begin to admire the beauty of Chizuru, Kazuya starts to think that his plan is going well.

"After doing all that exercise, I just got hungry," Chizuru said with a smile.

So Kazuya takes Chizuru to a very luxurious restaurant for dinner. And when Chizuru sees the place, she is surprised and tells Kazuya not to overdo it, but Kazuya tells her that it is okay, that he does have money to be able to pay.

"I told you! This is something I want to do!" said Kazuya.

When Chizuru hears that, she is silent, while one of the managers of the restaurant tells Kazuya to follow her to the place where they will eat.

And as she watches Kazuya walk away, Chizuru exhales and smiles. But at that moment, Chizuru sees a little girl, who is with her grandmother. And when she sees both of them smiling, Chizuru begins to grieve.

Editor's note: "She followed him from behind. But only a short distance away."

Next time: "A crab dinner! From..."

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