Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 182 - SUMMARY

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 182

Chapter 182: The Queen of Thin Ice - Part 5

Hearing Nariyuki's declaration, Mafuyu does not hesitate to reject him and tells him that there is no way they can be together because they were once a teacher and a student, and whatever they do, nothing will change that fact.

Then, after being rejected by Mafuyu, Nariyuki meets Miharu and they have a date. And seeing them together, Mafuyu, who is apparently jealous, decides to follow them.

During the date, Nariyuki tells Miharu why he fell in love with Mafuyu.

It turns out that years ago, at that School Festival where Nariyuki held Mafuyu's hand, he remembered something that happened when he was 11. At that time, there was also a School Festival, and Nariyuki remembers getting lost in the crowd. But suddenly he met a kind young lady who decided to take care of him. That young lady was Mafuyu, who was a high school student at the time.

Nariyuki tells Miharu that at some point during that School Festival, he fell in love with Mafuyu, and upon realizing that, he told Mafuyu that someday he would become a great adult, one who could reach out to her and be by her side as an equal.

Hearing all this, Miharu began to cry.

Then, after a moment, Miharu asks Nariyuki how he would feel if he found another love, and after she finishes saying that, she leans over and kisses him. Suddenly, Mafuyu appears running and interrupts their date. However, Miharu had already realized that her sister was nearby.

At that moment, Nariyuki looks at Mafuyu and declares his love for her a second time. And hearing that, Mafuyu rejects him a second time and tells him that those who do not understand what is going on around them should not rush the pace.

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  1. pobre Nariyuki rechazado 2 veces en su arco con Mafuyu, y Mafuyu mas cabezona por dios no por nada le dicen la reina de Hielo!!!!


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