Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 183 - SUMMARY

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Chapter 183

Chapter 183: The Queen of Thin Ice - Part 6

Continuing the events of the last chapter, Mafuyu tells Nariyuki about her past and explains why she cannot accept his confession of love.

It turns out that years ago, Mafuyu, who was a high school student at the time, had missed the school trip because she had to participate in an ice-skating contest. Mafuyu felt bad about not being able to spend more time with her classmates, but one day, she receives a text message on her cell phone and learns that the school festival is about to begin.

At school, Mafuyu, who looks excited, looks for her classmates to organize the activities they will be doing. And when she finds them, she is surprised to find that her classmates had made a maid café and that it was a success. All her classmates talk about how well they are doing and that teamwork is the key to success. At that moment, they all meet with the teacher and talk about a time capsule they are going to bury, while Mafuyu stays behind watching them with a dazed look.

At that time, Mafuyu realized that it wasn't the ice skating that kept her away from her classmates, but that she herself couldn't get close to them. Mafuyu knew she had enemies (since that's what her parents told her), so she wondered if she could really feel love for someone.

Returning to the present, Mafuyu tells Nariyuki that she cannot let anyone else into her life, as she is not capable of feeling love.

"I'm really happy," said Nariyuki. "Because I finally got to know a little more about the person I like," he smiled.

Mafuyu blushes and tells him to stop doing that.

Weeks later, the school festival begins. Mafuyu, who has the same old look on her face, walks through the school halls while thinking that everything is back to normal... or so she thinks.

"Yuiga-sensei, that's amazing!"

Mafuyu is surprised and blushes, so she looks back to see what's going on, and is surprised that Nariyuki was teaching his students to sew.

After that, Nariyuki talks to Mafuyu and tells her that he has an idea about what he wants to do at the school festival, so he asks her for her help.

"Really?" said Mafuyu.

The next day, Mafuyu is surprised to find that she will have to help Nariyuki with all the school festival activities.

And so the day goes by, and Nariyuki and Mafuyu end up tired after doing various activities. Then they both take seats on a bench inside the school and Mafuyu asks Nariyuki what is going on and why they are doing all this, which Nariyuki tells her is part of the patrol they have to do.

Suddenly, several students show up and give Nariyuki several morsels. When Mafuyu sees that, she bends her head slightly and tries to step back, but at that moment, Nariyuki realizes that and says with a smile, "I'm sorry, I have both my hands full. Could you get the rest, Kirisu-sensei?"

Once again, Mafuyu tries to step back, but seeing the kindness of the students, she decides to receive the morsels.

Later, Nariyuki and Mafuyu are eating the morsels they received earlier. And then, Nariyuki stands up and tells Mafuyu:

"I told you so, didn't I? There's something I want to do at this school festival," he looks at Mafuyu with a smile. "Kirisu-sensei, I want you to enjoy this festival with all your heart. And you can do what you didn't do as a teenager."

Hearing that, Mafuyu blushes.

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