Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 207 - SUMMARY

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Chapter 207

Chapter 207: The Shirogane family wants to welcome

In his room, Miyuki mentions that he has to clean his room and remove the papers that are stuck on the wall, since Kaguya will visit him the next day. He is sitting at his desk and is very sleepy because of the work he has done and still has.

Suddenly, Miyuki falls asleep and does not finish his activities.

The next day, Kei wakes up first and then goes to her brother's room, who is still sleeping.

Suddenly, someone knocks on the door, and Kei goes out to see who it is. And once she opens the door, Kei is surprised that Kaguya is in front of her, so without saying a word, Kei suddenly closes the door, looks around and says, "This must be a dream."

Then, Kei begins to stretch her body, and once she finishes, she decides to open the door again. Once again, in front of her is Kaguya.

Without saying a word, Kei goes at full speed to where her brother is and shouts at him to wake up, since Kaguya is outside. Kei does everything possible to wake up her brother, but he does not wake up.

Seeing that her brother will not wake up, Kei quickly changes her clothes, and then receives Kaguya.

Kaguya brought a gift, so Kei receives it. But at that moment, Kei realizes that there is an adult magazine lying on the floor, so she picks it up immediately and then throws it to her brother, who is still sleeping.

Then Kaguya and Kei start talking. And so, Kei asks Kaguya if it's true that she's dating her brother.

"Yes, it's true," answered Kaguya blushing. "I am dating your brother."

Hearing this, Kei is quite surprised. But at that moment, Miyuki wakes up and leaves her room saying, "I fell asleep! Kei, what time is it?"

Seeing Kaguya, Miyuki turns pale and mentions that he has to go clean his room.

"In that case, I'll help you," Kaguya said.

"No, no! It's not necessary for Kaguya-san to do that!"

Upon entering Miyuki's room, Kaguya finds many papers taped to the wall, and then finds an underwear and the magazine for adults that Kei had thrown away before.

"It's not what you think, Shinomiya!"

"Everything has an explanation, Kaguya-san!!"

"It's all right... I understand!" answered Kaguya.

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