Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 164 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Girlfriend and The Boyfriend - Part 8

With the moon illuminating the night, Kazuya recounts what he said at that time, "At that moment, I didn't know why I said it. Even now, I still don't know. But if I have a trembling woman in front of me, then there's no way I can stand it, even if I'm just a client. I'm really not a good person."

So, continuing with that night of Kazuya and Chizuru's date, Kazuya plucks up courage and says:

"My ideal girlfriend is," upon hearing that, Chizuru is surprised, while Kazuya continues talking, "pretty... elegant and very sweet." Kazuya remembers when Chizuru was scolding him and with a smile he says. "When I'm pathetic, she's always there to make me walk on the ground."

Hearing all that, Chizuru is silent, while Kazuya keeps listing all the times his "perfect girlfriend" has helped him.

Suddenly, Kazuya stops talking, and then looks away and says, "And sometimes she cries too."

Again, Chizuru is silent, but this time she looks a little downcast because of what Kazuya said. So, for a moment, there was a silence at the scene, but then Kazuya starts to say how his perfect girlfriend has always maintained her strength despite the adversities she has had.

Once Kazuya finishes talking, Chizuru looks a little more downcast and tries to say something, but at that moment, she remembers a conversation she had with her grandmother about what she did when she was lonely. Then, in that memory, her grandmother, who is lying on the bed, calls her, hugs her and says, "I like this". Then the grandmother tells her that as long as she has her and her husband by her side, then everything will be fine.

At that moment, Chizuru, who is still silent, has another memory of her grandmother's last words in the hospital.

Then, Chizuru stares at Kazuya and tries to pull herself together, but, little by little, she loses her strength to the point that she completely falls apart and starts crying inconsolably. She pounces on Kazuya as she cries and calls out to her grandmother and grandfather.

Faced with such a scene, Kazuya sheds a few tears and tries to hug Chizuru, but, for some reason, he stops and lets Chizuru let out everything she is feeling.

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That night, Chizuru cried heavily, while Kazuya felt a great pain in his heart.

Next time: "After the tears".

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    1. Read the last part: "More info in the next few hours."

  2. Finally, chizuru express her emotion to Kazuya, and it's a good progress to their relationship. Maybe it's time to say goodbye for Ruka ?­čĄö

    1. espero que no, yo todavia tengo confianza de que gane Ruka

  3. Sounds like some good developments, keeping up the act that nothing's wrong is not the way to deal with grief, though understandable for someone who's been acting for so long. You risk separating yourself from your own emotions, and start to ignore them.

    I honestly hope that if Kazuya and Chizuru get together, Ruka gets treated well too, she's been so devoted to the main character, and also helped with the movie, and took a step back when Chizuru's grandma was not feeling well, suggesting a "cease-fire" in the battle with her rival. Ruka has grown a lot since the first chapters she was introduced, like at the ending of chapter 142, she was so relaxed, and Kazuya even started to like her.

  4. Ohh no someone got fukedup. . Sad

  5. It's been 2 days where's the rest

  6. To those who can't imagine.



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