Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 165 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 165

Chapter 165: The Girlfriend and Tears - Part 1

A new day has begun. Kazuya is in the bathtub, and once he finishes his bath, he begins to remember what happened on the date he had with Chizuru. He blushes and then rolls from place to place as he says to himself, "Why the hell did I do that...?"

Going back to that night of the date, it turns out that, Chizuru had been crying for 30 minutes, and once things calmed down, Chizuru gets herself together and then tells Kazuya, "Well, I think it's time to go!" Suddenly, Chizuru goes back into her 'perfect girlfriend' mode and with a smile tells Kazuya that she will see him at the movie premiere.

"Sure, I'll see you there..." answered Kazuya.

As he watches her slowly walk away, Kazuya is speechless.

Once Kazuya finishes remembering what happened that night, he gets even more depressed and asks himself if it was right for Chizuru to act that way. He also starts thinking if it was right to hug her back then, although in the end he didn't. However, there was only one thing that Kazuya knew, and that is the fact that he simply adores her, and that is something that is beyond a "I like you" or "I love you".

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Suddenly, Yaemori appears in Kazuya's room, who is surprised to see her and asks her how she got in, to which Yaemori tells him that the door was open.

Once Kazuya calms down, Yaemori asks him enthusiastically how was the date he had with Chizuru, to which Kazuya, with a serious face, explains her what happened.

After a moment, Yaemori tells Kazuya to have a date with Chizuru, but this time it should be a real date, to which Kazuya, blushing, replies that that would be inappropriate. However, Yaemori insists to Kazuya that he should do it, to which Kazuya, feeling pressured, decides to go out and buy lunch (he runs away).

Once Kazuya leaves, Yaemori, who is outside the room, starts to think that Kazuya has been acting strangely, so she thinks that maybe Kazuya is hiding something from her.

Suddenly, Chizuru comes out of her room and meets Yaemori in the hallway.


Seeing Yaemori, Chizuru is silent.

"You show up at just the right time!" said Yaemori as she approached Chizuru.

Editor's note: "Things are delicate right now! Be careful, Yaemori-san..."

Next time: "I want to ask you something!"

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  1. it's been an hours and you haven't update the summary

    1. Well it’ll usually take 1-2 days before the full summary releases since they want the whole summary to be released the day before the actual chapter releases so yeahđŸ€·

    2. The summary they make belongs to them (well, I think it belongs to Kevin Vega, the author of this post), since they translate it from the Korean scan that comes out on Mondays.
      So yes, we have to wait one more day for the full summary.

  2. Yaemori might be a bit too bold, and achieve the opposite of what she is hoping to. You can't push two people together, subtle nudges often work better. She should know that by now, as her scheming to make sure Chizuru and Kazuya would be alone when going to shoot the final scene for the movie, also caused more issues than bringing these two closer together. Sounds like history is going to repeat itself if Yaemori starts to interfere again.


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