Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 166 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 166

Chapter 166: The Girlfriend and Tears - Part 2

The chapter begins with Kazuya, who moments before had gone out to buy lunch, but suddenly receives a call from his mother, so he meets her at a nearby establishment.

"I'm sorry for calling you suddenly," said his mother, who is inside her car.

"Don't worry, I was out buying lunch anyway," responded Kazuya.

The reason his mom had called him was to give him some peaches, and once she gave them to him, she left.

On the other hand, Yaemori is talking to Chizuru. But, before saying something inappropriate, Yaemori starts to analyze the current situation, since Chizuru's grandmother has recently passed away. And while she was still wandering among her thoughts, Chizuru tells her, "I'm sorry. But I'm busy at the moment."

So, Chizuru retires.

After that, we see Kazuya returning to his room as he remembers what happened on his date with Chizuru. He knows that Chizuru finally showed him her weak side, and that makes him special to her, as now they both have a secret to share.

Once Kazuya gets to his room, he starts thinking that it would be better to give Chizuru the peaches, since, after all, she is his neighbor and there is nothing wrong with that.

Then, at the moment Kazuya leaves his room, he meets Chizuru, who moments before had gone out to buy. Upon seeing her, Kazuya blushes, while Chizuru gives him a serious look.

"Mizuhara-san!" exclaimed Kazuya nervously. "He-hello..."

Faced with such a situation, Kazuya didn't know how to talk to Chizuru because of what had happened at the date. So, timidly, he decided to ask her about what had happened that day. However, Chizuru quickly changes the subject of the conversation.

"The next week," Chizuru said, "is the movie premiere. Sunday, right?"

Hearing that, Kazuya is quite surprised. And while Chizuru kept talking about the film and the clothes she was going to wear, Kazuya wondered what was going on

"Hey, are you listening to me?" asked Chizuru.

"Huh? Ah, yes, go on."

Once Chizuru finished talking, she retreated to her room, while Kazuya was confused by what had just happened, as Chizuru behaved "as if nothing had happened."

In his room, Kazuya spins around a lot as he thinks about Chizuru's recent attitude. And he comes to the conclusion that he doesn't know how a woman's heart works, although to be more precise, he doesn't know how Chizuru's way of thinking works.

On the other hand, Chizuru is sitting in front of her grandmother's picture and says, "If you are really watching me from heaven, then you must already know the truth. That's right, he's not my boyfriend... and I'm a rental girlfriend."

At that moment, Chizuru remembers what happened on the date she had with Kazuya and says, "I'm a failure as a professional. Did you hear what he said? I'm his 'ideal girlfriend'. But you know, this is all incredible. Before the date, I felt empty. I thought I was dying inside," Chizuru blushes and continues with a smile. "But somehow, crying in front of someone made me feel so relieved."

Suddenly, Chizuru remembers when Kazuya told her that she was his ideal girlfriend, which made her blush once again.

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  1. awww They blushed at the end ­čśŹ❤­čą░
    but I believe there will be more crazy or drama coming up

  2. Now I'm excited for the next chapter


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