Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 167 - SUMMARY

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Chapter 167

Chapter 167: The Girlfriend and the Movie

It's Sunday and today the film is finally released. Inside the cinema, the audience gives Chizuru a big ovation and she shows a dazzling smile. Ruka is also in the cinema and cheerfully applauds Chizuru, while Kazuya shows a blushing face.

Once the film is over, Chizuru is outside and watches as some people are commenting on the film. Then Tabuse, the film's director, approaches Chizuru and greets her.

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"Can we talk for a moment," Tabuse asked.

"Huh? Yes, of course."

Tabuse asks Chizuru if she was able to show the film to her grandmother, to which Chizuru says yes.

"Oh, great! I'm glad to hear that!" said Tabuse.

Then Chizuru asks if he knows what happened at the hospital, to which Tabuse says yes, and tells her that Kazuya looked for him to borrow a projector at that time. He tells her that he had never seen Kazuya looking so serious before. When Chizuru hears this, she just keeps silent.

On the other hand, Kazuya is outside the cinema and is sitting on a staircase while he thinks about the film.

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"I think everyone liked it. I'm glad about that..." Kazuya thought as his face reflected a slight smile.

Suddenly, Chizuru appears behind Kazuya and puts a canned drink around his neck.

"Good job," Chizuru said with a smile.

"Huh? That's cold!" Kazuya exclaimed nervously as he looked back. "Mizuhara...!!!

Then Chizuru asks him what he's doing in a place like this, to which Kazuya says he was just taking a break from. Then Chizuru asks him what happened to Ruka.

"She had classes in the afternoon, so she left," Kazuya replied.

Chizuru sits down next to Kazuya and they start talking nicely. Then Kazuya asks her what she will do from now on, to which Chizuru says, "I want to keep acting!"

At that moment, Chizuru stands up, looks at Kazuya and with a dazzling smile says, "The production of this film was really fun!"

Seeing her smile like that, Kazuya blushes, while Chizuru walks away. But at that moment, Kazuya stands up and tells Chizuru that he will guide her on the way. In this way, he stands in front of her. And seeing Kazuya's back, Chizuru smiles tenderly.

At that moment, Kazuya recounts what he felt at that moment, "I don't know what happened to me. But at that time, the smile Mizuhara showed was the brightest I had ever seen. I realize again that thanks to Mizuhara I am able to look ahead."

Meanwhile, at some shopping center in the city, Kibe is on his way to a meeting with Nagomi, Kazuya's grandmother. Kibe doesn't know exactly where Nagomi is waiting for him, so he is talking to her on his cell phone to guide him to the meeting place. And while they are talking, Nagomi thanks him for helping her with her website and also tells him that "one more person" will help her. In fact, "that person" who will help Nagomi is already meeting with her. They are just waiting for Kibe to arrive.

Once Kibe arrives, Nagomi greets him, to which Kibe also returns the greeting. However, at that moment, Kibe notices something that surprises him.

The person who will help Nagomi with her website is none other than Mami, who is sitting next to her.

"Oh, Kibe. Hi!" said Mami with a smile.

"Mami..... chan?" responded Kibe as his face showed concern and amazement.

Next time: "Back to school".

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